5 Reasons Why Women Like Bad Boys


However you choose to define the term “bad boy”—and there are a gamut of definitions—two things are for sure. First, he’s a player. And second, he will break your heart. That being said, women still gravitate towards them. Because the bad boy’s potent magnetism makes him hard to resist. Here’s why.

1. He has sex appeal.

When he walks into a room, you can’t help but stare. He’s full of swag. You were fine the nanosecond before you laid eyes on him; then he sauntered by, and suddenly your mind becomes entangled with sheets and discarded clothes.

2. He’s charming.

The bad boy oozes charm effortlessly. He knows it. And he knows how to wield his skills. He stops to talk to you…yes, you…and suddenly all the degrees and accolades you’ve earned throughout your life mysteriously vanish. You become a poor hapless fish, hanging onto his every word. You take the bait. You were caught from minute one.

3. He makes you feel safe when you’re with him (even if you’re not).

Somehow the bad boy knows how to make you feel protected. When you’re with him you feel safe, as if he’s your own personal superhero. So what if nobody else sees it? You feel it, and that’s enough.

4. He’s exciting.

There’s something thrilling about making a mistake. There’s something about him that gets your adrenaline going—that makes your heart pump just a little bit faster, and your palms dampen. You’re standing, minding your own business, and he pulls up alongside you on his bike. He revs the engine ever so slightly and your heart races in tandem. When he offers you a ride, you see yourself speeding down the highway. You know you should insist on a helmet. You know what the consequences are. But all you can think about is the moment you’ll get to dismount the bike and then mount him.

5. He’s a challenge.

Women like a guy who challenges them and the bad boy exploits this phenomenon to the fullest. He’s not pussy-whipped and you like that. Here’s the harsh truth, though: Somewhere along the line, you’ll inevitably start to think that you can change him. Think again. You weren’t attracted to him because he was a model choir boy in the first place so admit it. Now, I’m not saying a bad boy can’t change—just that he will only change when he’s good and ready, and not when anyone else decides that he should.