5 Reasons The Best Time To Travel Is Right Now


Wanderlust is a highly treacherous mix of passion, adventure, longing, and experience. Although many individuals find it unreasonable, monetarily impossible, or just conflictive with their schedule, here are some very real reasons as to why we must pack up and travel now:

1. Age

Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger and time isn’t willing to slow down either. So with the quickening pace of our age, it’ll only get more difficult here-on out to travel abroad because of certain commitments and difficulties that we may not be able to hurdle later on in life. Being 20-something is an age of many emotions, and the perfect time to immerse ourselves into a foreign destination will not only be easier now but more reasonable because of less responsibilities comparatively.

2. Expectations vs. Reality

While we are young we have a broader sense of unsettlement, unfulfillment, and thus our expectations are not necessarily less but rather easier to a certain extent to fulfill because we are less wise and have less experience. The more we border on insanity the better- a creative mind flowing unhindered is the best type of luggage to bring abroad because adventure lurks around any corner.

3. Flexibility

This may go along with age in terms of physicality, but it is so much easier to surf couches in Rio or jump between hostels in Amsterdam in your twenties rather than your fifties. While it may be nice to travel with money that isn’t your own or has been accumulated over a lifetime of slogging away at a job and earning that money to save up for retirement or use as a “safety net”, what is the point of it gathering dust if it cannot be spent on traveling? The older you get, the more stubborn you will become in your actions and principles, so it is advisable to go while you are still being molded into the person you become.

4. Curiosity

The human condition is such that we tend to want or desire what we cannot have. What better way to satiate this than to taste new foods in alien places, try on traditional clothes from different areas, or meet different people that are perhaps on the same journey as you? A little bit of soul searching is bound to come forth as each individual set out on their quest that is highly unlike yours, coupled with wondering what life is really like someplace other than the one you are so familiar with.

5. Experience

This is the greatest reason to go and see the world and what it has to offer; although I have very few years of age or experience behind me as I say this, nothing will probably ever remain static within me except for the memories of where I’ve been. The initial feeling of stepping into the Karnak Temple and running my hands along the 3,000-year old hieroglyphics on its columns in Egypt or smelling the divine scent of freshly brewed coffee finding its way outside of a quaint French bistro and into my soul as I breathe it in cannot be reproduced in pictures or in words, but only in experience. There are those who sit and read books or perhaps create a Pinterest board of places they would like to visit during their lifetime, but if you do not get up this instance and leave before you second-guess yourself then they might remain pins in your board, holding up nothing but unfulfilled wishes and the deepest of regrets.