5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Creative Dreams


Whether you write, paint, dance, or knit as a hobby, you can turn your creative passion into a living. You can turn your dreams of doing work that doesn’t feel like work into real goals that’ll eventually make you money.

But I know why you haven’t done so yet…

Because you’re afraid.

You’re afraid of taking the risk because this isn’t a stable job. This journey will mostly lead you nowhere for the first few months, the first year. You won’t make money right away. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes, you’ll want to give up, you might even regret it sometimes.

It is scary. That’s why I’m not going to tell you to not be afraid. Instead, I’m going to tell you to own that fear.

You’re human! It’s okay to be afraid, but you can’t let that fear stop you from doing something that could potentially make your life everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.

That’s why I’m going to convince you why you should pursue your creative dreams.

1. You won’t end up regretting it

People end up regretting the things they didn’t do more than the things they did do. Years and years from now, when you’re wrinkled and gray, you’re going to wish that you’d taken the risk to try and pursue your goals.

You know how regret feels; you know that it sucks. So imagine what it would feel like if you regretted an entire part of your life. Your mind would be filled with what if’s and dreams of what could’ve been.

However, if you decide to take that chance right now, even if you fail, you’re not going to think about how you wish you could take it all back. You’re going to tell your grandkids about how you took a big risk, and your eyes will light up because it was worth it, and they’ll be inspired to do the same.

Don’t live a life you’ll look back on and regret. Like entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Regret is poison.”

2. It’s worth it

It is one hundred percent worth the try. Taking this chance is worth the failure, the fuck ups, the embarrassment.

I’m a writer who didn’t go to college. I blog and write fictional stories. There is no guarantee of my success. In the past two years, there have been a lot of ups and downs (mostly downs, if I’m being honest).

But it’s so worth it. I don’t have to go to college classes I know I’d not only hate, but classes I’d be terrible at. Even if I’m not close to the level of success I’ve set for myself, I can genuinely say that I’m happy.

I love writing and blogging—the learning, the process, everything—and I get to do it every single day. Imagine getting to wake up every day to do what you love. Imagine loving waking up at seven in the morning on a Monday because you actually look forward to your day. If that doesn’t sound great, then I don’t know what does.

3. What if you succeed?

You’re nailed to your bed with fear because you keep asking yourself, “What if I fail? What if it goes wrong?” But you’re asking the wrong question. What if you succeed? What if you end up reaching goals you hadn’t even thought to imagine?

Failure is a possibility, but you’re forgetting that success is, too. That idea alone is worth stepping outside of the box you’ve been locked in. You could end up doing amazing things, things that you’ll be proud of until the day you die.

Stop focusing on the mistakes you’ll make and focus on the lessons you’ll learn. On your growth. On your eventual wins.

4. You’ll be so much happier

Everyone wants happiness. Most of our lives are spent working, and yet most people spend that time working jobs they despise. They work in jobs that only allow them to be happy during the weekend and their days off. They dread Mondays and their coworkers and the work.

Visualize a world in which every day felt like a weekend. A world where you looked forward to the stress and the challenges because you know you’ll be able to figure it out. Where you wouldn’t stress about the work ahead of you, where you wouldn’t complain like everyone else. Where you would be happy, plain and simple.

5. You’re reading this right now

If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to be convinced. You clearly want to quit your current job or go back to school (or quit school). You want to love your job, you want to do what you love every day, you want to make money off of it. You want the adrenaline, you want to kick fear in the ass, you want to be in control of your life.

You want it. So, take it.