5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Judging Yourself


We’ve all had “that moment.” That “oh shit, I really shouldn’t have eaten that piece of cake” or that “dammit why did I go home with that guy last night” moment. We spend so much time condemning ourselves for things we’re not “supposed” to do that life becomes more about trying not to fuck it up than actually enjoying ourselves. So here’s a list of reasons to stop making yourself feel like shit:

1. You don’t deserve to feel like shit.

No matter who you may have slept with, how many illicit cookies you’ve snuck when your diet wasn’t looking, or how many times you’ve said “YOLO”, you are still one majestic human creature and you deserve to feel like one.

2. Someone else has done/said/thought worse than whatever you are currently judging yourself for.

Now, normally I’m not a person to make myself feel better by cutting others down, but in a chronic case of passing self-judgment, any consolation is good consolation (unless it’s illegal drugs or excessive alcohol . . . those are always bad).

3. On the flip side, there’s always someone on your side.

Despite a chorus of friends and family who may be singing your condemnation louder than you are, I can guarantee that there is at least one other person on this planet that would support you. The trouble is that you may never meet them. But just knowing that they exist can help muffle the haters.

4. It’s your life.

Bon Jovi said it right when he sang those lyrics. “It’s my life/it’s now or never/I ain’t gonna live forever.” It’s YOUR life. It’s not anyone else’s life. And as such, each and every decision you make makes it unique and beautiful . . . even the less-than-beautiful decisions.

5. On that same note, every decision you make becomes a part of you.

For better or for worse, those decisions, be they “hell YEAH!” or “oh SHIT”, make you who are. For explanation on why this is good, see #1.

Judging implies standards. In order to pass judgment on something, there has to be a baseline. But, guess what? There is no baseline for being human. You be human in your own human-y way, you beautiful human, you.

So there you have it. And if you’re still feeling bad about yourself, just know that no matter where you’re at or where you think you’re headed, there’s always time to turn around….

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image – Linuxbear