5 Reasons Why You Should Work A Seasonal Job At Least Once In Your Life


What’s a seasonal job, you ask? I’m not talking about some crappy part-time work at your local Bath and Body Works over the shopping season (unless over-priced smelly things are your jam). I’m talking about dropping everything and moving to a resort town to work at said resort. It sounds scary (and kind of silly) but here is why you should do it at least once:

1. It’s a Safe Way to Take a Risk:

Moving away from home is tough. But a lot of resorts offer employee housing and some even help cover travel expenses. Once you secure the job, you don’t have to worry about having to find a place to live or worry about paying rent, since often times, rent is just taken out of your paycheck automatically.

2. It’s a Great Way to See a New Place

Resort towns are pretty cool. Usually the vibe is pretty light considering most people there are either their to work their butts off for a season or they are on vacation. Either way, the stress of every-day life has a way of not seeping in as easily as it does when you are at a home base because everything in your life is temporary.

3. You Have A Lot of Options

Do you like to ski? Chose a ski resort. Like to golf? There are tons of golf clubs. Or how about the ocean? There are more resorts than one can count near a beach. Like celebs? A private resort is the place for you. Anything you like to do, you pretty much have an option for.

4. You Make Some of the Best Short-Term Friends Ever

Maintaining friendships into adulthood is hard. You go through a lot of heart ache when you lose old friends, or you find yourself growing apart from the people you grew up around. Moving to a new place and being surrounded by hundreds of other people who moved there for the same reason you did (to work) tends to help bonds form quickly. You find yourself surrounded by the same people nearly 24/7, and you all have at least one thing in common: your move. You also all know that none of you will have to see one another again once the 4 months are up, so the parties are more raging, the scandals more exciting and the company incest is hard to deny.

5. You Have A Lot of Options (pt 2)

Within the company itself, you have a lot of options. There is never just one job available. You could be a server, or a lodge keeper. A golf attendant or concierge. Any job you want, you can find a resort that offers it.

Working at a seasonal resort is a great way to get out and see the country (though there are American resorts popping up overseas here and there). It’s safe and pretty easy living as long as you’re willing to be a hard worker. So if you want to take a risk (or if you just want to travel), but you aren’t willing to just pick up and move to Barcelona, consider testing the waters away from home at a resort. It may lead to some really cool opportunities but if nothing else, it gives you a chance to see a part of your country that you never have before.