5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall For An Army Man (And 1 Reason Why You Should)


At times, military men can be a total pain in the ass, and I swear you’d want to summon all the positive forces in the universe to stop you from whipping their asses out of frustration. I constantly find myself wondering if this relationship is worth a try. Here are my reasons why you would ALWAYS want to reconsider your decision in staying with an Army man, if not strangling him.

1. They are the exaggerated version of a “man of few words.”

Most of them are mysterious because of the nature of their work. But if there are things, problems, or even silly questions that make your girl crazy, give her the truth and explain everything. Never ignore or laugh it off, because it’ll make things worse. Let’s say she called you, and another woman picked it up while you were sleeping in a shared room with the boys. Whether it’s your boss or your colleague’s bitch, even if you didn’t do anything, you are digging your own grave if you don’t explain right then and there. Just explain and answer everything, because if it was the other way around, you guys would throw the nastiest rage of the century.

2. The secrecy of their work spills over into their personal life.

I understand their work’s confidentiality, especially when it involves special assignments. What I don’t get is the fact that some of them are insensitive enough to suddenly disappear while texting or talking to you, will abruptly be gone for hours or even a day without communication, and once they get back, all they can say is: “Just don’t ask.” Really? Don’t they know how hard it is to move around while worrying and thinking what the heck just happened? My man is not deployed in a war, hence his activities are a bit less demanding than those who are actually out in the battlefield. Sparing 20 seconds of their time (especially when they are just roaming around the city) to text or call wouldn’t hurt. I don’t need specific details of the mission. Just let me know if you’re up to something, when you are coming back, and if possible, update me if you’re still alive. If you don’t, I am going to die from a heart attack.

3. They are brave in the battleground but weak in confrontations with their women.

His training clashes with my journalism background. While he is not fond of questions, I am very curious. Silence is golden, but not when a woman is fuming mad. We won’t ask if something is not bothering us. Hugs and kisses are good, but not all the time, especially if our feelings are at stake here. Sometimes your silence makes us more irate. Just because we want you to talk doesn’t mean we want to argue. Communication is done to reach a settlement, not to create an argument.

4. They don’t show emotions.

Army men have only three facial expressions: Blank face, happy face, and horny face. I am not even sure about the second. Oh, come on. Badges on your uniform don’t make you invulnerable to emotions. Let it out. Speak up. It wouldn’t make you any less of a man to express how you feel about your girl. Actions may speak louder than words, but from time to time, words can also give assurance. We love your sweet gestures when we’re together, but whenever you guys are away, your words can soothe us.

5. They misbehave with other girls.

Good thing I never caught him doing this! Being physically absent is hard, yet it never gives you the license to fool around. Never screw up your relationship for some cheap thrills; you never know what can happen next. If you’re not sure about your girl, let her know and leave. Just don’t make her believe that she’s the only one for you because you’re robbing her of the chance to find someone worthy of her.

But no matter how many doubts, fears, or illusions I may have, there will always be that one reason that can make me overlook all those things:

1. Army men do not surrender easily.

This is the best thing about having an Army man: He won’t give you up without a good fight. You can throw all the bombs at him, but he won’t retreat. Instead, he will defend what’s his with his own hands. We may have a lot of differences and may not agree at all times, but this guy—my guy—never ran out of the will to continue and try. He may not be the way I wanted him to be, but it’s enough for me to stay.