5 Reasons Why Your Life May Feel Meaningless Right Now


Oftentimes in life, there will be ups and downs that we simply cannot control. Other times however, there may be things within our immediate control that we can do to help make our lives feel a little more fulfilling, effortless, and flowing than what they may feel like now.

If your life feels “forced” right now, these are five reasons that are perhaps why. But more profoundly, these are five reasons that you can work to change today in order to make your life feel a lot more meaningful and purposeful.

1. You’re not following your true calling.

I can recall countless times where I’ve done something for the sole purpose of making those around me happy. While this is a good thing at times, it is so important to follow your own path in life. Trust your intuition and listen to your calling. You know you’re on the right path in life when the journey to get there doesn’t feel like a means to an end, but an end of itself.

2. You’re not surrounding yourself with the right people.

The people around us shape us and mold us into who we are. If you aren’t spending enough time with positive, light-hearted, and uplifting individuals, then your life won’t feel as fulfilling and as effortless as it could be. Choosing not to hang out with someone because they aren’t giving you what you need from a relationship isn’t selfish, It’s selfless. We can’t expect to give more to others if we are constantly feeling drained and tired from having to spend time with those that don’t have our best interest.

3. You aren’t keeping your promises to yourself.

When you make a promise to yourself but you don’t follow through on it, you chip away at your perceived feelings of self-worth and confidence. When we keep promises to ourselves (however small they may be), we foster a trust with ourselves that ripples into every aspect of our lives. Write it down so there is proof and you are held accountable for it. Tell a friend if you must. But when you follow through on your words—your words and thoughts come to life in actionable ways that foster a better sense of self.

4. You aren’t living up to your self-perceived potential.

Each of us have a self-concept that consists of how we view ourselves. I believe that most of us (if not all of us) want to do great things in our lives. However, if we currently aren’t taking action on the things that we really want, then our life will feel meaningless and unfulfilling until we do. You need to know that you are capable of what you desire most. You have what it takes to not just succeed but thrive in this world. In order for your life to flow effortlessly, you need to do the things that feel hard now, so that they will become easy and effortless later. But that takes work. Little by little, you can create your own potential.

5. You are focusing on your problems.

What we focus on grows stronger. When we direct our attention on what we invariably lack, we force ourselves to only see what we’re missing in our lives. Instead, focus on what you have to be grateful for. Keep a journal if you must. Look at it every single day if you have to. Over time, focusing on the amazing things in your life will cause you to downplay anything that you perceive to lack and bring to light the incredible things in your life that you had all along.

If your life feels bland right now, the quickest way to change that is to do something bold and out of your comfort zone. Although we can’t necessarily always control the external circumstances around us, we can most certainly control the internal feelings from within us. Trust the process of your life and use this dark time to learn something invaluable about who you are and what you ultimately want. The choice to do so is always ours.