5 Reasons You Can Live Without Him


1. You don’t need anybody to complete you.

A relationship should better both of you, you have to each be complete on your own before you will ever be happy together. You don’t need a man to complete you, you want one who will compliment you.

2. You have your own life.

Well, don’t you? You have your own friends, your own family, your own job, so why do you need him? You control your own life. Live yours for YOU.

3. Because he can live without you.

Ever notice how you’ll drop everything for him but he won’t even give up a night out with the guys to hang out with you? Why should you make him your priority when you’re just his option? You shouldn’t. If a man truly wants to be with you, you will always be his top priority.

4. You lived your whole damn life without him before meeting him.

Didn’t you? Before you met him you were just fine, then he came and manipulated your world. Well if you survived without him before you met him, you’ll be just fine without him again.

5. Because needing isn’t the same thing as wanting.

You NEED to see him this weekend, or you WANT to see him this weekend? You NEED him in your life, or you WANT him in your life? You NEED to know what he’s thinking or how he is feeling about you, or you WANT to know? Figure out the difference and your outlook will change.