5 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Be The Middle Child


1. You are allowed to finish first.

Having been second to your elder or younger brother/sister didn’t mean the end of you. All those years of sibling rivalry didn’t prove anything about you. You crossed the finish line prior to them, but you always seem to have wanted it that way. Well, you thought that was how things were supposed to be. It’s okay to let them go before you. But you, too, wanted to go first. You wanted the first bite, the first drink, and the biggest sock near the chimney. And you had those. Even though you waited, the right opportunities and brand-new moments still came.

2. You are more than what others perceive.

Your elder sister was perfect. At least, that’s what your parents made you believe. It didn’t hurt. The comparison. The competition. In fact, it nurtured you. It made you become more independent. You strived for the better things and didn’t settle for anything less. You wanted to be like her, but you couldn’t so you didn’t. Instead, you become someone you needed, not wanted, to be,. You became you. And that tears down all those moments when you had to prove yourself over your big sister.

3. You are confidently beautiful.

Your younger brother? He was the epitome of popular. He had the looks your mother had. He was stylish and you were “odd,” as your father once said. But that didn’t pull you down. You were confident. You were beautiful in your own way. Your jeans fit you right. Your shirts were great. Your sense of fashion wasn’t the best, but at least you learned how to tie your tie for prom alone and you taught him how to. And you were both happy about it.

4. You are strong.

All those years trying to be perfect didn’t go to waste, either. You learned a lot of things. You knew time more than them. You knew what you wanted. You were as understanding as you needed to be for everyone. And all those things were your strength. They can fight you over a lot of things and have your parents turn against you, but that didn’t make you feel mad. It was okay. You understood. You were strong as it was necessary.

5. You are loved.

That time when your mother forgot to introduce you to her cousin after having talked about your siblings wasn’t the worst of times. And remember when the food in the table didn’t even reach you? Those moments were quite self-defining if you ask me. But you understood anyways. You had the empathy your siblings and parents needed. That’s how you showed love. And with that love, you will be loved back.