5 Reasons You Should Never (Ever) Date A Writer


1. We spend most of our time alone with our thoughts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re there. We always drift apart. If you can’t handle our reveries, you don’t have the right to see the world we build inside our heads.

2. We are the epitome of wishful thinking.

We easily get disappointed because our expectations go beyond the horizon. We are willing to do so much for you. At least try to do the same, if not more. It’s about give and take after all.

3. We write down everything.

Like what you were wearing when we first met and the face you make every time we dip fries into your sundae. Every promise you uttered will be quoted so each time you break them, you will still be haunted by them. We don’t filter things. If you are a jerk, we’ll write about that too. We don’t do it to make you look bad. Writing is very cathartic. It is our outlet. It’s like a breather. Writing about things says more about us than you. So, fret not and stay nice. This is how we move forward. Let us. You have your own means, this is ours.

4. You will forget the pain.

We will never. That’s terribly awful on our part if you decide to leave us behind. You will forever live between the pages of a worn-out journal while you look for someone else to spend eternity with. The memories of you will remain intact in every word we bleed. Each stroke of ballpoint will open old wounds. It’s like we don’t bear scars, just fresh scratches. But, we treasure the happy moments just the same. The thought of you will make us smile even after a long while. Even after we no longer pass your mind. Even after you found someone else to hold your hand. Even after you’re gone.

5. Our soul will drain the universe out of you.

Our feelings for you can go deep down the Mariana’s Trench and up back to the exosphere. You may be intimidated by our words and wit but if you really want to have our hearts, you will learn each vocabulary it beats. We don’t settle for less. We always want the grandeur of things. We want all your spectacles. If we shine, you need to radiate just as much. That’s how stars burn bright—always altogether.

You will always be the story we got the privilege to write about. We will thank you for every page that made us finish a book. Just know that there will always be more to come. It may no longer be about you anymore but still, thank you for helping us grow — not just as a person but as a writer too.