5 Reasons Your Mental Health Is More Important Than Literally Anything


Struggling with a mental disorder can be hindering. Whether it be anxiety, depression, or anything in between- it takes a toll on living day to day life to the absolute fullest. It’s beneficial to take a step back and evaluate the importance of taking care of our mental health in the grand scheme of things so that we can better understand how it affects us. If your mental health is not in a good place, most things in your life won’t be either. Here is a list of why your mental health is more important than anything.

1. Good mental health allows you to live life to the fullest.

Anxiety and depression have the strong ability to keep you at home. Simple tasks like going to the store or the bank may seem like unbearable tasks. Our chance to take risks, go on adventures, and experiment with creativity all take a back seat: our self-deprecating thoughts behind the wheel. It’s difficult to pull the car over and take control; but doing so, with professional, medical, or personal help, will allow you to live life to the absolute fullest and experience life with a newfound sense of adventure.

2. Good mental health allows you to connect with the people in your life.

Going out, being social, and interacting with people might seem dreadful to someone with anxiety and/or depression. Even picking up a phone call from a loved one takes too much energy. Being a hermit is not always a bad thing, but when its affecting relationships in your life, your mental health may need an evaluation. You are so loved, more than you know- and sometimes your mental health prevents you from showing how much you love back. When you’re in a good place mentally, relationships have the ability to flourish.

3. Good mental health allows you to maintain good physical health.

Who wants to get up and go to the gym, when they can’t even be bothered to leave the house? Physical health can decline when mental health reaches a point of isolation. This goes far beyond spending time at the gym as well. Studies have even shown links between poor mental health and cardiovascular diseases. When we are so consumed with a flood of thoughts, anxiety, and depression- it takes a toll on the body. We take less care of ourselves. We drink less water, get less exercise. Your brain and your body are connected; taking care of your brain will allow your body to follow suit.

4. Good mental health allows you to make good choices.

Your brain responds to different rewards or losses when faced with certain decisions. When your thoughts are clouded, the choices you make as a result may hinder your life. Someone with poor mental health may tend to think in a pessimistic fashion, making decisions based on a negative outcome that may not even be the true result. Someone who is struggling mentally may also seek an emotional escape through drug and alcohol abuse. When your thoughts aren’t clear, decision-making in return also can be clouded. Some large decisions may affect your life in more than one way- being able to make the best choice with a clear mind is a benefit of good mental health.

5. Good mental health allows you to provide stability for your family.

We all seek a family of our own; whether it be complete with children, a husband, furry children, or simply a life partner, it is human nature to be part of a family. When poor mental health takes a toll, the family suffers as well. Your spirit can be felt by everyone around you and may affect the way your family reacts and interacts with you. The best thing you can give your family is a strong, healthy mind.

Taking care of your mental health is the most important thing you can do. At the end of the day, the ones who truly matter will understand and be supportive. However, it is important to take care of yourself first so that you can better take care of those you love. You can’t be there for others if you aren’t there for yourself.

There are many avenues that can be explored to take better control of your mental health. Don’t be afraid to seek medical or professional help if need be. It is a basic human right to be healthy in all aspects.

Your inner peace is not a luxury.