5 Reasons ‘You’re Too Pretty To Be Single’ Needs To Stop


I’d be willing to wager a fair sum of money that nearly every woman who has ever had an online dating profile has gotten the message, “What are you doing on here? You’re too pretty to be single” at least once in their online life. Men I’m sure think it’s some kind of compliment. I however, just find it annoying and it needs to stop. Here’s why:

1. It’s Insulting.

I’m not sure who the first guy to think this up was, but he was an idiot. The idea behind the statement is that a woman isn’t complete without a man. Especially a pretty woman. The idea of a pretty lady being single is too much for their tiny chimp brains to handle.

2. What Do My Looks Have To Do With My Singleness?

Since when do looks have anything to do with being single? I’ve seen as many really conventionally-unattractive people happy in relationships as I’ve seen conventionally-attractive people happily single. Looks don’t have a whole lot to do with one’s ability to be in a relationship.

3. There Is No Good Way To Respond.

What do you even say to that? “Thank you?” No. Because then the guy thinks you’re conceded because you took the ‘compliment.’ “No, I’m not?” Nope. Then you are fishing for compliments. “So are you ;P”… that’s probably the closest to being acceptable in their minds. I prefer “Fuck off,” and blocking them.

4. I’m Not “Too Pretty” For Anything.

Considering I, like every other person on the planet, has autonomy, I’m only bound by my own self-imposed (and sometimes societal) limitations. I’m not too pretty for anything. I’m not too pretty to be a lesbian. I’m not too pretty to be a wrestler. I’m not to pretty to be asexual. I’m not too pretty to be a plumber. The idea that a woman is too pretty for something is some bullshit patriarchal concept that needs to be shut down.

There Is No Consideration For The Woman.

Instead of just being outright insulting, one could ask an attractive woman why she is single (which is only slightly less insulting). When you phrase it as a question, it at least gives consideration to the woman’s thoughts and needs around relationships. I’m single because I have ridiculously high standards. My super-beautiful friend is single because asexual-panromantics are harder than hell to find in my neck of the woods. Having the statement in question form allows for the asker to learn something about the woman and potentially open up a conversation- which, strangely, greatly improves the chance of a relationship starting which is what you’re there for, right?