5 Rewarding Benefits To Waking Up Spiritually


Stepping into this new world may not have been easy—it was a difficult time. I was grieving the death of my husband, and at the same time being thrust into something new and unknown to me. Yet by stepping into the challenge and having the faith to trust and believe, I found what I was looking for. It helped take me on a journey which I am now able to share. I can share the treasures I gathered along the way with others who are at the start of their journey, to help guide the way.

There are many benefits to waking up spiritually. I’m going to share my top five with you.

1. We learn the truth of who we really are

From a young age we are told how we should behave and what we need to do to fit in. Our parents, our teachers, and our friends are trying to protect us. Society at large shows us a picture that says we will get further, be more successful, be included, and be liked if we conform.

These ‘teachings’ create limiting beliefs within us. As children we have ‘wild’ imaginations in which anything is possible. Each rule that is given to us, each way of fitting in, will often curb this in some way. The negative messages we are often sent on our journey to conform will lead to deep-rooted, subconscious, limiting beliefs.

These limiting beliefs do just what they say they will. They limit us. They will often have a negative impact on our lives. They will come to us in the voices that say:

“You’re not good enough.”

“You don’t deserve this.”

“You’re not clever enough.”

To get to the truth of who you are, you need to start chiseling away at the beliefs. It is only when you do this that you will start to uncover you own brilliant, authentic self.

2. True happiness can only be found within

True happiness cannot be found outside ourselves, although we do spend a lot of time trying to do just this. We grasp at external factors such as wealth, relationships, material items, and perceived success as trophies that represent our happiness. All these trophies really do is keep the rollercoaster ride of life going in an uncontrollable way, especially if we are not connected to our inner selves.

Many people have woken up at the so-called top of their game, only to look into themselves and find that they are unhappy and still searching for something that seems just out of reach. This happens when you are not connected to your inner happiness. It happens when you look to other people and things for validation and to fill the void.

The only way forward is to take charge of your own happiness. You do this by being mindful of what you want, not adopting what you think will fill the void based on others sense of happiness.

It is when you connect to this inner happiness, your inner guide, that you can navigate the difficult times successfully and really enjoy and cherish the happy times.

3. We are both students and teachers in this life

Everyone is drawn into our reality, into our gravitational field. Our partners, children, friends and co-workers are drawn towards us, and as they are caught in our gravitational field, they will become the mirrors which reveal the needs within us. They become our teachers, just as we become theirs. They help us look deeper into ourselves. This is how we find the traits and behaviors that need our attention, that need changing or healing.

This is not always easy to accept. Often when you have come across someone that displays a behavior you seriously dislike, you will want to deny it and blame the other person. Instead, try to see it as the mirror that life is offering you. It is a gift of opportunity to help you heal and prosper!

When faced with this feeling, instead of putting the blame on the other person, reflect on why you might feel this way about them, why you feel the need to cast blame. This will help you to step into discovering more of your inner self.

4. It is okay to let go of control

In our modern society, we end up having such a tight grip on our lives. We control everything as if our lives depended on a particular outcome. While there are some rare instances in which we may need this level of control, most of our actions in life do not need to be held to such a tight and controlling course.

To create new opportunities and experiences and to really live, we need to let go of control. We need to surrender. It is in our ability to let go, to trust, and to have faith in ourselves that we really start to live. It is in this that life begins to flow effortlessly through you.

5. Being vulnerable is a strength

Many of us have been brought up to believe that showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness. So many cultures around the world teach us to keep our vulnerabilities to ourselves. They teach us that to show our true emotions or our true selves is to leave us exposed. Leave us weak.

Denying our own vulnerability closes us off from really experiencing life to its fullest. It allows our fears to dictate the path we take. By opening up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you open yourself to life, to experiencing new things, to connecting to others. This is not a weakness but an act of strength and courage.

It is through being vulnerable and open to our own truth and inner happiness that we can truly start to learn and live our lives in the way we were meant to.

It is with this strength that we connect to the world and to ourselves.