5 Savvy Ways To Perfect The Art Of Hustling


From Jay-Z to Mark Cuban, Donald Trump to Richard Branson, there’s a million quotes out there about the art of the hustle. There’s quotes about working hard to networking hard. There’s quotes for every type of hustle a person can experience in their life out on the web. But unless you actually want to read all of these quotes or read novels about hustling all day, it’s all just a bunch of chatter.

So what really is hustling? Technically, it means forcing someone to move quickly or it can be described as busy movement. Or, according to Urban Dictionary, it also means anything one has to do to make money. I guess, yes, they are both correct. But if someone tells you to step up your hustle game, it’s a combination of all of these things. It’s a combination of quotes, a combination of articles, and a combination of books. It has specific meanings to every person. No hustle is the same as another person’s hustle.

But I’m here to make things easy. Instead of doing a bunch of reading when you could be out there hustling, here’s how to step up your game in just a few ways. Take it from someone who’s hustled their way through life.

1. Network harder than before

Networking does not mean attending social events. Yes, you can do that. But they’re awkward. Sometimes they lead to introductions. A lot of the time the lead to nothing because the conversation is so boring. Whatever industry you’re in, find creative ways to learn about people. Contact someone who knows someone. Email them. Visit them in person. Whoever you want to know, you can, simply by making a personal introduction. A personal introduction doesn’t include attending any career events in college. For some careers, it can. But the best way to showcase yourself is to personally contact everyone you want to know. And learn to know people outside of your field of interest. You never know when you will need them. Don’t stick to one subject, and don’t be boring.

2. Know everything

I don’t mean you have to literally know everything. This is where your contacts come in handy. Learn lots. Take language courses. Read books before you go to sleep. Be curious. But then also leverage the network you created from the step above to do whatever it is you want to do. How do you think Donald Trump created an empire? There’s no way he knew how to build hotels or design golf courses. He knew people who knew how to do it. He took the time to learn about it and then found people to execute. Discover the knowledge you need to get to your dreams.

3. Get efficient

No successful person was lazy. They also didn’t sleep a lot either. Find out your best work habits and stick with them. If you need to make calendars, do it. If you need to work out at five in the morning because you know you won’t after work, do it. If you know you’re most creative at one in the morning, design your schedule around it. Learn what works. You’ll also have to learn how to sacrifice sleep. No one built an empire by sleeping eight hours a night. Tim Cook wakes up around four every morning. You should too if you plan to keep hustling your way to success.

4. Obtain a sales job

I know, this doesn’t sound helpful. If you’ve never worked in sales, then start. No matter what career you have in life, even if it’s a shady one, you need to know how to sell. At some point in your life, you have to know how to sell your personal brand, your products, your services. It sounds like the worst idea, but it will be the one that will make you the most in your life. If you can’t sell anything, you can’t obtain anything. A good salesperson can sell everything. Don’t ever hire someone to sell something for you if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

5. Stay interesting

A good hustler has an incredibly intriguing life. People want to know about them because they are always up to something, whether that be flying around the world, running a marathon, or even just taking up a new hobby. Nobody wants to hear about your Game of Thrones marathon or the house party you went to last weekend. But they do want to hear about your trip to Bali or the new book you’re writing. Find ways to stay interesting, not only for your benefit, but for anyone else you come in contact. I mean, look at Richard Branson. He starts the most random companies and we love it because it’s interesting. It keeps us on our toes. Keep people on their toes if you want to rise to the top.

This is only a few ways to perfect the art of the hustle, but it’s guaranteed to help bring success in your life, no matter what kind of success you want. As I like to always say, “Don’t be basic.” Nobody likes basic.