5 Signs That You Are In An All-Girls School


I was a child who was put in a single-sex school for her A – Levels. It was an amazing boarding school with huge grounds, a lot of support from teachers and far, far, far away from boys. But how much good did that do? Let me tell you a little story.

1. We never really used to think about boys, not unless we had a pizza delivery. The delivery man from Papa John’s would casually walk towards the boarding house door. His unsuspecting mind never considered that he was about to walk into Crazyville. We would chatter amongst ourselves about how cute he was, how tight his bum was or about the six pack that was hiding beneath his shirt. We would open the door enthusiastically, take the pizza and then flirtatiously say, “Thank you!”

2. We never really used to think about boys until we would have dinner at the canteen. We would drool over the new catering staff serving us rice and peas. We would bend over the counter to explain how we just wanted the broccoli, not the carrots that were mixed in the same bowl. A particularly handsome young man got so much attention from the ladies that after his first week, he was no longer present at the canteen. Who knows whatever happened to him.

3. We never really used to think about boys, until we were in P.E. class and our P.E. teacher would utter the words, “Are you ready!” Although he stated that in relation to track and field, we still fantasised that he was talking about us, and our lives together. How we would travel the world, help orphans in Timbuktu and save endangered lions in the Sahara.

4. We never really used to think about boys, until a property surveyor visited our school and we were all relaxing having a coffee break. Seeing him arrive on our grounds in his flashy car caused such a stir. I have never seen the two most uncooperative year groups ever work together with such vigour. All the girls ran to the window to spy on their prey. They were silent at first. They watched him get out of the car; however they could not contain themselves anymore because after witnessing his smile, all the girls started screaming, winking and hollering at him. Some girls decided to go the extra mile by pushing their legs through the gaps in the window flapping their fibula at him.

5. We never really used to think about boys, until a friend of yours accused you of flirting with your male teachers and all you were doing was being polite. How can smiling and laughing with your teacher be a bad thing?

At the end of the day, girls need boys around them, in one shape or another. Being locked away from them for too long can cause some girls to go cray cray!

*Some aspects of this article have been exaggerated for entertainment purposes.