5 Signs You’re Right About Your Boyfriend’s ‘Friend’


“We’re just friends.” Ladies, we’ve all heard it, and I’ll admit that 9 times out of 10 it is probably true. Guy/Girl friendships are some of the best. However, there will always be that one girl that always seems like more than just “a friend”. You are not crazy. Trust your gut and don’t let it go.

1. She has always disliked you and you’ve always known it.

From day one she barely acknowledged your existence, let alone the fact that you were a significant part in her friend’s life. “Hello”, “How are you?”, “Goodbye” – forget it. She does not care and oddly it doesn’t really seem to bother your boyfriend either.

2. She is one of the friends he texts to get through the day.

Think about how much we share with our work day texting buddies. Likes, dislikes, secrets and general life stories can all be shared in the course of 8 hours with someone other than you and you are none the wiser.

3. At a party, they always end up playing drinking games together.

In a room full of 20+ people they always manage to play together or go up against each other. What better way to flirt than to casually disguise it with alcohol and FRIENDly competition.

4. They got out on “friend” dates, you’re not invited.

It’s important to get along with your boyfriend’s friends. After all, they are a crucial part of his life. But somehow these two always seem to get together by themselves for dinner, a drink or ice cream “just to catch up”. And you can’t tag along on that because…?

5. When you bring your issues with their friendship up, you’re “crazy”.

Every time you bring up the fact that this friendship bothers you, you’re the one being absolutely ridiculous. If he is going out of his way to make you feel like you’re the crazy one and then doing nothing to comfort you about it. You’re right, they are not “just friends.”