5 Signs You’ve Most Definitely Arrived (As An Adult)


There comes a point in our lives where no matter how much we love our birthdays the idea of turning another year older turns from ecstatic excitement, to a tiny pang of sheer panic, to out right denial. As a mid 20-something, I’ve arrived at the second stage — slight pains of sheer panic. Not because I’m scared to grow older, but because at this point in my life there is so much unknown, so many questions whose answers are playing hide and seek in my minds eye, even just a normal Monday at the office can be exhausting. Not quite sure if you’ve crossed into this frightening, yet amazing time in your life yet? Here are 5 signs that you have, most definitely arrived.

1. A Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card is on your birthday wish list

Sure, you’re getting to that age where birthday gifts are no longer really part of the birthday day package. Cards and well-wishing have become the norm now while those that are close to you take you out for a dinner, or a drink (or two, or three). However there is still the hope that your mom will run the question by you “Anything you want for your birthday this year, dear?” to which you will immediately jump up and down like a five-year-old and say “ A BED BATH AND BEYOND GIFT CARD SO I CAN GET NEW SHEETS AND BATH TOWELS PLEASSSEEEE!” Honestly though, what could be better than fresh sheets and new bath towels?

2. You find yourself thinking, “Kids these days”

Ah, the age-old saying that you’ve heard slip out of your grandparents, parents, and eventually older siblings mouths, time and time again. You never really quite understood it, because as mature as you always thought you were, you were a kid. As you turn the corner into adulthood, you’ll find yourself looking at kids, zoned into their cellphones, zoned out of the world around them, sigh to yourself with a little pang of guilt that they aren’t running around playing in the street like you used to when you were a kid, and you’ll say “Kids these days…”

3. You actually think about wearing sunblock

Whether it’s choosing a different face moisturizer to get more SPF for your buck, or carrying a travel size container around in your bag, sunblock has become a real necessity. Long gone are the days where the sun couldn’t (but did) harm you and your perfect, porcelain child-like skin. We’ve got early aging, skin cancer, and splotchy burns to think about now people. Wear that sunblock, and wear it well.

4. You’ve FINALLY come to the realization that “Mom is always right”

Despite your sworn oath to never believe in this mantra after countless times of Mom telling you to put a jacket on, to clean your room, or whatever variation they used to tell you to mind your manners (“Mind your P’s and Q’s” as my mom said), you’ve finally come to the realization that Mom is and was and will be always right. Along with that you’ve finally come to appreciate this simple fact. Not only is she always right, but she’s always there to help you after all the dust in the world seems to settle right down on top of your first apartment.

5. You’ve grown up your staple items

Whether it’s your trusty mac n’ cheese recipe from college or your never-ending collection of tape-to-wall posters — you now can cook a decent pesto-pasta (that’s a step up, right?), and despite still having all the posters, at least they are now in frames. Don’t get me wrong, your staple items are just as simple as they were before, but now they simply give off the aesthetic that you’ve turned the corner into adulthood. Congratulations!