5 Simple Things Every Concert-Goer Needs To Keep In Mind


1. Be respectful to the opener.

I have been one of those people who honestly only went to a concert for the opening act. My favorite band was smaller at the time, not able to headline a show, thus the only chance I got to see them was opening for other bands. Keep this in mind.

At the end of the night, it is simply rude to talk during an entire performance. I’ve seen it done. Especially to the point the band has to tell the audience to be respectful. I’ve seen that too. When the performance is over, if there is a large screen showing a Twitter feed, do not tweet hate about the opener on it. You think I’m kidding? Nope. Seen it done.

2. Put your phone away.

You are at a concert to experience the moment. Trust me. No video feed will compare to the moment you missed while looking at your phone screen.

3. Don’t use flash.

Your flashing phone in the band’s eyes and in the eyes of other fans is not going to make you friends. Notice the official photographer, not even he/she is using flash.

4. Don’t fight over the setlist/guitar pick/drumstick

It may not seem like it, but trust me. The setlist is paper. The guitar pick is plastic. The drumstick is wooden. That is all. They are fun items to collect, but fighting over these turns you into a jerk that no one wants to be around. You are no longer there for the band, you are there for yourself, because the band appreciates all of its fans and you just treated another fan like trash.

5. Treat the band like people.

You do not have the right to a picture. You do not have the right to a hug. You do not have the right to an autograph. Chances are, the band will be more than happy to give you one, but that is a special moment. They are musicians first, so ask them. “Hey, can I take a picture with you?” That is all you have to say.

My favorite band has a guitarist that says time and time again that he is there for the music and he wishes more fans would be there for the music as well. Think less about your Snapchat story, your memorabilia wall, your precious time, and give it all to music. That’s why you are at a concert anyways.