5 Simple Things You Should Do To Have A Stronger Relationship


1. Stop snooping.

One might say that snooping is already normal when you’re already in the long run. But to tell you the truth, it isn’t. Every person deserves some privacy even if it’s your husband or your mom. You’d know it when you feel it yourself. Some things are best kept on your own. It’s irritating if somebody keeps questioning you about everyone and everything. There’s a word called TRUST that ought to be in every relationship. And if you keep snooping on your partner then maybe you guys are lacking that.

2. Stop that nagging.

Well, who wants this? Tell me. People nag because there’s something their partner isn’t giving to them. Name it: time, attention, love, sex, whatever. But this isn’t helping. It will only drive them further away with their hands clasped onto their ears. The more you nag, the more they will resolute into that empty space in their brain called nothing; I heard there’s peace and quiet there. The best you can do in contrary is to be quieter. Be a little more quiet and cold than usual. Let them be the one to recognize the problem and let them come to you first. That way, they won’t have to clamp their ears and you won’t have to wear out your mouth from babbling to a deaf ghost.

3. Don’t curse.

No matter how grave the situation is or how red your face seems to be getting already, shut your mouth and swallow that word, unless of course, you’re planning to end things already. There’s a thing called respect. And once you start the habit of cursing your partner, that thing rapidly goes away. And I believe in the saying; “Once you start, you can’t stop.” I suppose that explains it. So no matter what you do, keep in my mind the things that will happen afterwards. Curse the trees or that guy walking outside, but never say the F word to your partner, for it surely will lead into something worse.

4. Give them personal time.

Yes, you might be as comfortable as hell hanging around with each other every damn day, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to have a life, too. (And this goes double for you!) So when they tell you they have this game or their friends have invited them for a drink, let them go. And I don’t mean letting them go with that all-fake smile and sarcastic nod. Let them go freely, they will SURELY love you for that. It only shows that even though you love them, you still have a life on your own and still consider personal time important. It will show your maturity and they will love and respect you more for that. And besides, when they’re gone, a good book or a trip to the salon with your BFFs seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?

5. Practice honesty.

The core factor in a relationship besides love is trust. You can’t just love someone without trusting them first. It’s a thing that takes ages to build up and only a split second, a mindless decision, a sudden urge to break. So in everything you do, just be damn honest and frank about it. If you’re going to some place with this group of people, just tell them straight out the exact details. Besides the fact that staying true to your words is far easier than lying, you don’t even need to remember a single thing, you can answer anything straight up. Once this becomes a hobby, it will nurture the relationship even more. And they will surely give back this honesty that you’re wholeheartedly giving them.

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