5 Simple Truths That Are Actually Really Powerful


1. We are the world.

When we say, “that is just the way the world is,” we act as if the world is a self-sufficient being, deciding things on its own. However, we make up the world. We have the power to change; we cannot continue to use the excuse that we have always done things a certain way. We can always adapt and modify ourselves into the people we want to be, and if enough of us change we can make a difference in the way the world functions.

2. Something can still be beautiful even if we have seen it a million times.

Sometimes we become so comfortable that what is thrilling becomes satisfying and eventually becomes boring; change and surprise become tedious rather than exhilarating. We forfeit our passion to routine and familiarity. This is not the first time we have witnessed the sun bursting into different colors as it dips over the horizon, or the leaves change color on their branches, or people transform into lovers and friends, into teachers and warriors, into laughter and sobbing. Miracles become incidents and we let them lose their power because we have relinquished our own power, our power to see beauty in simplicity. However, we can regain that power if we work toward noticing the small things and appreciating every ounce of this life we have.

3. We are not alone.

We face adversity alone and call ourselves tough, but making yourself vulnerable is one of the most courageous acts you can accomplish. In modern society, connection is literally at our fingertips. With billions of people on the internet, you are guaranteed to find someone who relates to you, who watches the same geeky TV show, who listens to the same underground band, or who obsesses over the same quotations from classic literature that you do. Not only this, you can also find a support group for illnesses or hardships you are facing because at the end of the day, we are all human.

4. None of us experiences life the exact same way.

Even though we can find people who relate to us, we will never find an exact clone of ourselves. We all experience life a little differently. It is sort of like an amusement park. We all stand in line together, waiting and engaging in small talk. We all scream together during the really intense parts, but we all respond differently to the minor bumps, loops, and curves. Some of us take pain and make art; others run marathons. Some enlist in the army and fight battles with guns and others stay at home and fight their battles with pens. Many things make us unique; we never truly understand any other mind but our own, which is a frustrating but beautiful thing.

5. We can always choose love, no matter our differences.

No matter where we are in the world, what side of a war we are on, what political party if any we affiliate with, and what religion if any we adhere to, we can all give and receive love. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. It looks good on anyone and everyone. It can be found in the smallest towns and the largest cities, and it can unite people that are worlds away. No matter how much we are tempted to choose separation, discrimination, rigidity, and violence, love is always an option. Love is the most powerful, and yet most underestimated, force on the planet.