5 Snapchat Questions We’ve All Asked The Heavens Above


Snapchat’s boy-CEO, Evan Spiegel, is known for being kind of an ass. But you have to hand it to him, the app has its appeals.

For the smarter-than-Anthony Weiner types, it’s the joys of ephemeral photos. For others, it’s the opportunity to let an old friend know you’re thinking of them. But whomever the user—creepy and innocent alike—the questions below are ones that unite all snapchatters.

1. Do my snapchats really disappear?

Snowden’s got us all paranoid and apparently it’s justified. As it turns out, snapchats don’t disappear, they just go to a hidden folder on your phone. And for a fee of about $400, a digital forensics company can recover a photo if there’s something a person really wants to see.

There are also apps, like Snap-Hack Pro, that will save all your snapchats to your camera roll without the sender knowing. So watch out, your snaps aren’t as fleeting as you may think.

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2. Was this a f*cking group snap or not?

Dear Evan Spiegel, there are many hazards associated with not knowing the answer to this question. We snapchatters need to know if our lovely friend singled us out with a custom snap, so that we can reciprocate and send them a snap back. We would also like to avoid any unfortunate circumstance where we continually send misguided custom responses to mass snaps. #Embarrassing.

3. How, HOW do you ensure your two snaps are opened in the right order?

Dear Evan Spiegel again, sometimes one snap is not enough. What if an Anthony Weiner of Snapchat needs to send a warning like “open alone ;)?” He hope that his lady friend opens the top one second, but who wants to think while they’re using Snapchat?

4. How many tries did you need to take this suspiciously adorable selfie?

When you get a snap response with a 5 minute delay, and the eyes are just a little too sparkly, the hair is falling just a little too well, you know something’s up. But be thankful they didn’t send you that first-try snap. It was probably all double chin and dark scary lighting.

5. What is the etiquette for taking aforementioned selfies?

Selfies are judged and ridiculed, so it’s okay to feel sheepish about taking one. But trying to sneak one is even worse. One day, your friend will catch you in the act and it will be uncomfortable. Instead, tell your friend that you really need to take a picture of your face. If they love you, they will give you a second.