5 Song Lyrics That Perfectly Sum Up The Modern Dating Experience


1. “Everybody’s Looking For Love…Ain’t That The Reason You’re At This Club?” 

Like many humans born before me, I’ve come to realize that the primary reason people go out is so that they can meet someone that provides them with a lifelong excuse for not having to go out anymore.

Here I was, thinking that people considered spending half their paycheck in an eardrum ruining dungeon a fun activity. Thanks, Jason DeRulo.

2. “I Woke Up It Was 7…I Waited Till Eleven Just To Figure Out That No One Would Call” 

Millennials — stubbornly dragging pop-punk through every phase of their lives since ’03.

Just wait until 2066, when a wild night at the nursing home will be equated to a Boys Like Girls song.

3. “Every Time I Try To Fly I Fall Without My Wings…I Guess I Need You Baby” 

This memorable Britney Spears lyric can refer to a few different things:

  • The love of your life, with whom you share quotes like this one on social media and expect not to get made fun of.
  • Your best friend who talks you through how to word your texts to potential suitors, whom you realize you’re pretty much useless without.
  • Alcohol.

4. “I Check My Myspace And I Got A Lot Of Friend Requests…Yes” 

Swap the myspace ref for Tinder matches, and you’re looking at some top-notch 21st century validation — that which is as initially strong as it is fleeting.

5. “But First…Let Me Take A Selfie”


Self-explanatory. Though it’s definitely worth noting, I was in between this one and “Yeah right! Picture that with a Kodak,” from the 2011 song of the summer, Give Me EverythingWhen you do a silly list about instagram attractiveness and modern dating you can’t not include Pitbull. He’s certainly the slightly aloof Uncle of the modern dating experience — always ready to party, a bit over the top at times, but overall a good hearted dude who’s unexpectedly always kinda there for you.

featured image – #Selfie – The Chainsmokers