5 Songs You Need To Know Right Now


1. “Say Something,” Karen Harding

Former X-Factor hopeful Karen Harding wants to “bring what Whitney Houston brought to 80s and 90s R&B to house.” With a simmering track like “Say Something,” she’s well on her way. Check out her debut record Say Something, out the 25th of January.

2. “Addicted,” JMSN

I’m obsessed with JMSN, pronounced Jameson, the Detroit-bred, LA-based multi instrumentalist. “Addicted” doesn’t unfold the way you think it does, and that’s what makes Christian Berishaj’s sound so compelling. Listen to his most recent record JMSN (Blue Album) right now.

3. “On The Regular,” Shamir

Yaaaaaaaaaaaas Shamir is everything! This Las Vegas-bred kooky indie pop sensation is so fun to watch and dance to. Listen to his Northtown EP, out now on XL Recordings, and expect big things from him in 2015.

4. “Sugah Daddy,” D’Angelo

D’Angelo just released Black Messiah, his first record in 15 years. Shh…do you hear that? It’s the sound of panties dropping all over the world.

5. “Chill Pill (Experiment 2),” Hawk House

Hawk House is Croydon brothers Sam and Eman aided by Demae on vocals. Their electro hip-hop sound is fresh, poetic and chill. If you like Hawk House, listen to their EP A Handshake to the Brain. Expect big things from the band in 2015.