5 Subtle But Important Signs You’re Overlooking That Mean They’re About To Ghost You


Your phone is eerily silent. You have a vague sense that something is awry. Something has changed, yet nothing has technically happened. Where do you find yourself? In the in-between: the certain transition to the uncertain end.

If your situation resonates with the following signs, just know that the curtains of your almost-relationship are closing.

You are in dating purgatory, and you’re about to be ghosted.


1. Long, late-night conversations turn to sporadic, curt check-ins or responses.

When you were once dizzied by the frenzy of your chemistry-filled communication, with messages firing back and forth despite the ungodliness of the hour, you find yourself with monosyllabic responses to your ardent and passionate paragraphs.


2. Your plans were oozing with potential, now they are seldom or non-existent.

Plans used to be made by both parties without any apprehension or second thought. Now, not only do you hesitate before trying to make plans because you are worried that they don’t want to see you, but they don’t initiate any plans with you at all.


3. Emergencies and excuses abound.

Was that a cat that just needed to be saved from a tree? Was traffic just inhuman today? Would they loved to have seen you if it hadn’t been for the fact that their roommate needed help ironing their underwear? If the few plans you do have continuously get shuffled and rescheduled or canceled altogether, rest assured: you are about to be ghosted.


4. You find yourself desperately searching for signs of life.

Your involvement with their social media pages has gone from innocent to intense. You used to use their Instagram to gawk at how you get to date such a catch; but now, you use it to see if there are any signs that they are alive, hoping to find a trace or a hint that they are not looking for a life without you.


5. You just know.

That general sense of malaise. That quiet but relentless stir within you that tells you something foul is cooking. That inner knowing that you wish would fuck off. Your intuition is telling you that he’s got one foot out the door and that his other one isn’t far behind.