5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Partner Is A Cheater


What are you supposed to think when your partner’s behaviour changes? Is it because your significant other is seeking pastures greener? Here are some signs that your partner maybe a cheater:

1. Mysterious phone calls

When the mobile phone goes off does your partner check who it’s from, say “I’ve just got to take this outside”, or worse, whispers into the phone? This type of behaviour requires a reason. It may simply be that there’s a surprise birthday or anniversary present coming your way. If however, the mystery phone calls are a regular occurrence, your surprise will not be quite what was expected.

2. Are they overly defensive when being questioned?

After taking that top-secret phone call, is your partner quietly casual about it or does he or she snap “Nothing!” when questioned. Hint – quietly casual is a slightly more positive sign.

3. More business trips or late nights than usual?

Yes, this is a classic sign of cheating. While they could just be going for that promotion and really need to put in the extra hours when combined with other behavioral changes this could be suspicious – especially if they’re evasive when you ask them what they’ve been doing.

4. Changing appearance/going for a makeover

It could be a genuine effort at self-improvement. The real question is – how do they react when you comment on how well they’re looking? If it’s a happy reaction, then it’s likely they’re changing their appearance for you or to improve themselves. If that defensive thing starts coming out – watch out, there could be someone else they are out to impress.

5. Change of behavior

If they’re becoming less affectionate with you, this is an obvious warning sign that they are feeling a bit distant. However, more affection isn’t always a good thing either, as it could be overcompensating because they feel guilty or are trying to cover something up.

While one of these points on their own might not mean a thing, or are maybe even positive, if your partner is showing signs of two or more of these changes then it might be time to dig a little deeper to find out, is your partner a cheater?