5 Telltale Signs You Have An Incredibly Shitty Friend


We all know them and we all have them: those friends that never really seem to have good intentions. Their behavior is always somewhat passive-aggressive. More often than not were left wondering if we just were paid a compliment or given a harsh insult.

It is pointless to stay in a friendship in which you feel confused and frustrated all the time. If you are not comfortable being yourself then it is time to make a change. Either have an honest conversation or cut all ties. Here are some signs that might help you decide:

They make a point out of paying for you.

You agreed to go out and have a good time. Everything goes well but at the end of the night you are left feeling somewhat embarrassed. Why? Well your lovely friend has just paid for you. Again. You’ve gone out together hundreds of times but somehow you only paid the tab only twice. They say it’s alright and they insist they want to treat you. However, now you’re feeling guilty as if you’ve actually done something wrong. Did you unknowingly mention you don’t have a lot of money? Did you look over the bill for too long? Were you not fast enough with your wallet? No, you just have a friend who loves to show that they can pay for you and belittle you in the process.

They don’t tell you when you’re making a fool of yourself.

They never tell if you’ve gained weight, look unwell or if you are wearing something unflattering. They never warn you when you’ve had too much to drink. On the contrary, they challenge you to have different kinds of drinks and then they make fun of you. This is definitely not how a friend is supposed to act.

They are jealous of your life and do not comment on your accomplishments.

They are the only ones who did not congratulate you on getting your new job. They never like anything you post on your social media. They never ask you about your hobbies and they never compliment you on anything you might have done. Anything good you might be experiencing they try to brush it off and make you feel like you should not be gloating over these ordinary life moments.

They don’t care if you end up alone at a party.

You’ve made it clear they are the only ones you know at this party but still they left you at the table alone. Suddenly, when you are trying to leave they beg you to stay and promise to never leave you again. However, you’re soon pushed to the side again and end up leaving without them even noticing.

They straight out insult you but say it was just a joke.

They have just said something extremely hurtful and to make matters worse you are surrounded by a large group of friends. Everybody heard it and everybody went extremely quiet. Your face maybe turned red and you’re looking at your friend like “what did you just say?”  They quickly start laughing and make fun of you for actually believing what they said. You try to believe them but cannot help feeling self-conscious and disappointed.

Maybe your friendship is an old one. Maybe you met during middle-school or at a rough time in your life. Maybe it was a real friendship in the beginning. The truth is that no matter how good it might have been before, you have to face the present situation. It’s surely not helping anybody if a friendship that has turned sour is not properly dealt with.