5 Things A Father Should Be For His Daughter


1. Her biggest fan

Even if their tot is the absolute slowest in U-8 pee-wee soccer and chooses to pick wildflowers over defending the goal, who else will be there to cheer faithfully from the sidelines, (occasionally and gently) scold the referee in her defense, and provide a juice box and high five after the final whistle?  Whether being her loudest cheerer at such diminutive events or her biggest supporter during the more meaningful bridges in her life, simply providing a hand to hold throughout it all is the greatest gift they can give.

2. Her teacher

Whether augmenting an innate love for sports, exposing an appreciation for the great outdoors, or simply providing instruction on how to change a tire or file tax returns, there are some things in life that simply require a father figure to learn.

3. Her confidante

A father serves as a trusted secret keeper, a constant source of honest advice, and a dependable partner-in-crime.  From listening to her issues with the sagacious ears of a dad to merely “forgetting” to tell Mom about her most recent shopping spree, a father’s loyalty inevitably forms a daughter’s foundation of trust that lasts a lifetime.

4. Her admirer

Slightly different from serving as her “biggest fan” that supports her unconditionally through the toughest decisions and roughest obstacles in the grand scheme of growing up, being her “admirer” serves one prime and precious purpose: reminding her that she is uniquely valuable and undeniably beautiful.  Whether viewing his daughter sitting down at the dinner table with bloodshot eyes from a broken heart or heading out the door dressed to the nines for prom, a father should never fail to remind her—through voice and action—just how entirely lovely she is.

5. Her role model

Fathers serve as a girl’s greatest role model—whether they realize it or not—for witnessing just how a woman should be treated.  They’re a role model for every boyfriend to be judged against, every husband to match, every future father to strive to be.  They’re a role model for devotion, for love, for life.  And they’re irreplaceable.