5 Things All Commuters Think Every Day


1. “Move. Move. MOVE!”

Why is it, those who are rushing to work get stuck behind 7 different people who are all strolling on their merry way and have nowhere to be? You try to duck around them, they move in the way. You try to dart past them on the other side, they move in the way. You huff and puff loudly, they don’t hear. Eventually, after what seems like forever, you see an opportunity and you get in front of them… Only for them to give you the judging look and a roll of the eyes as if to say “where are you off to in such a hurry?”.

2. “Erm, I was here first…”

On a busy bus or train getting a good spot is important. Whether you opt for sitting or standing your morning commute placement certainly matters, and standing directly in front of the soon-to-open doors is the major step in executing this plan. However, the one person that can ruin this are ‘pushers’ — the people that rock up, barge past you, and steal the spot you’d been eyeing up…leaving you with no option other than to mutter something about being there first and finding somewhere else to perch.

3. “How can you be late…Again?!”

Why are trains always late on the days you are already running behind schedule? Or on the days you have an important meeting first thing? Trains seem to be late more often than they are early, which is the last thing you want to deal with at 8am on a rainy Monday morning. Or Tuesday morning. Or Wednesday. Or any day because they’re always late.

4. “There are spare seats everywhere, why are you sitting next to me?”

When your train or bus is, on the odd occasion, not busy, and there are empty seats everywhere, someone is sure to get on and sit directly next to you. No one can explain why this happens, but there aren’t many things more annoying that someone being in your personal commuting bubble when they don’t have to be. Find your own bubble.

5. “Who smells? Why? Why do you smell?”

There are always going to be people that haven’t yet mastered deodorant using public transport. No one knows why, just hope it isn’t you.