5 Things All Dateable Guys Over 25 Need In Their Bedrooms


1. Books

The first thing I do if I’m staying over a gentleman caller’s house for the first time is peep his books. I’m a nerd and I like books so I want to know what he’s reading. It doesn’t have to be a massive library and he doesn’t need to be reading Hume or whatever, just so long as he’s literate and has some cool shit he’s interested in. Plus, when you scroll through the books on his bookshelf or piled on his floor it’s like you’re also taking a peek inside his brain. You learn about his interests and its a great way to explore his mind before you explore his cock or whatever it is you’re going to be doing.

Try What Art Is by Arthur C. Danto, retail $12.

2. A Nice Candle

A guy who has a nice candle in his room really knows how to set the mood. He knows that fragrance is just one way to relax, but especially if you’re having someone over you really like it’s not too much to light up a nice candle to set the mood for the evening. Then there’s the added benefit of associating you with that scent so that every time your partner smells it they think about you. Or when it’s time to give presents they know the candle you like and might offer you another scene because they’ll know you’re into candles.

Try Tubereuse by Diptyque, retail $60.

3. A Soundsystem

Someone who invests in a nice sound system for their bedroom is a person who really likes music. They know what you mean when you say that computer speakers suck or that there are just some things you can’t hear on a puny system. If he has a cool sound system ask him about, as he’s probably a music nerd and will tell you all about it. It also means you won’t have to suffer through low sound when you’re “watching a movie,” and you can even crank it up a bit to drown out the sound when “watching a movie” starts getting hot and heavy. Hi, roommates! Just watching Star Trek really loudly, don’t mind us!

Try the Harmon Kardon SoundSticks by Harmon Kardon, retail $161-230.

4. A Bedside Water Carafe

What’s worse than waking up thirsty in the middle of the night only to have to go all the way downstairs, completely drunk with sleep, to get more water? With a bedside water carafe, which you could also fill with wine/whiskey for when you would really like to be turnt up, you’ll never have to leave the bedroom again to quench your thirst (if you can remember to keep it filled up).

Try this really cool Recycled Bedside Carafe and Drinking Set, retail $63.

5. Cologne — REAL cologne

A dateable guy wears cologne, not that AXE body spray from the Walgreen’s down the street! There’s nothing wrong with body spray except that it’s easy. You use it because it’s a quick way to smell OK/like every other guy on the street without putting any effort in. Cologne doesn’t need to be expensive or exclusive but it does actually express a part of who you are. And when you’ve been making out with someone, or hanging out with someone, they’re definitely going to smell like whatever you smell like. Why would you punish someone you like by forcing them to smell like cheap body spray?

Try Tom Ford Noir, retail $65.

A guy who thinks about the little things is a guy with taste. If he invests in himself chances are he’ll invest in you, too. And that’s someone worth dating.