5 Things All Real Women Know About Dating


1. You can want a man but under no circumstances do you NEED a man.

Real women know they are the prize and don’t waste time crying over men who didn’t treat them right. They move on to the next guy who will treat them right, because they know they deserve it and they know there are plenty who will treat them the way they deserve.

2. Real women are not needy.

They have their own life, their own friends, and their own hobbies. If a man gets a time slot in her wonderful, full life, then he can consider himself lucky. She doesn’t need to check up on a man or fret over why he hasn’t called. A real woman is too busy living her own life to have needy girl emotions.

3. A real woman never loses her girlfriends.

She doesn’t get obsessed with a guy and drop her friends. A real woman makes equal time for all the cherished people in her life, not just a man. A real woman knows that keeping your girlfriends front and center is just as important as keeping your man a priority.

4. A real woman doesn’t snoop.

A real woman trusts her intuition and confronts uneasy feelings head-on by asking questions. If you cross her with a lie, don’t doubt she’ll kick your ass to the curb. She knows that there are plenty of people that will be honest, and if you aren’t one, she’ll show you the door.

5. A real woman wants a real man.

However, a real woman knows that in order to have a chivalrous man, you should be a classy lady yourself. It’s a two-way street. A real woman knows how to be classy in the streets (freak in the sheets) and treat a man the way they deserve, and in return she gets the same. She doesn’t settle. I repeat: She does not settle.