5 Things Empaths Have A Really Hard Time With


1. Breaking up with someone

Okay, so no one really likes breaking up with someone. (Unless you’re a malicious sociopath???) The song “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” speaks a pretty universal truth: that shit sucks. But because empaths are so affected by other people’s energies, it makes splitting up even more difficult. Empaths cringe at the thought of hurting someone they love, and this can even manifest in physical symptoms of the hurt. Chest pains, stomach aches, migraines, etc. It’s not unusual for an empath to become sick to their stomach when having to end a relationship. Though neither way feels good, an empath would almost always prefer being broken up with to being the one who initiates it.

2. People who are constantly wishy-washy

The phrase “all in or nothing” rings true for empaths. They are usually 110% committed, or they just don’t care. There’s never this idea of doing something halfway. Classic 0 or 100, they aren’t ones for moderation. So, when people aren’t totally sure of how they feel (or what they want), it’s totally confusing. Huh??? You’re only 49% sure you want to do that? HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THAT?

3. Disconnecting from tragic news

At a time when the media is constantly churning out so many images of horrific and devastating tragedies, it’s never been easier to tune in and closely follow upsetting stories from all over the world. And when something happens, empaths have a hard time stepping away from the TV, computer, etc. It’s this terrible combination of feeling helpless, heartbroken, yet not knowing how to stop checking for updates.

4. Dealing with negativity

Because empaths absorb the energy and emotions of those around them, being around toxic and/or negative sources can take a huge toll on the empath’s physical and mental well-being. They are natural care-givers and want to help (or at least try to) fix situations, which can end up hurting the empath. It’s not always easy for them to recognize when it is time to walk away.

5. Emotional hangovers

It doesn’t take much to drain the empath. They are prone to nervous system overdrive. They end up soaking all sorts of things: a friend’s distress over relationship troubles, a family member complaining about stress, something they overheard while running errands. It’s easy for the empath to end up feeling like they are suffering from a terrible hangover — but not one that can be fixed with a little hair of the dog.