5 Things Every Alumnae Does During Sorority Recruitment Season


Fall means one thing for sorority women: RECRUITMENT. Whether you graduated last May or a few years back, every alumnae goes through the same thing when recruitment season rolls around.

1. Reminisce your own recruitment.

When thinking of all the PNMs who are about to experience the stress and excitement that is sorority recruitment, you immediately think back to your own recruitment experience as a PNM — and you quickly realize it’s a complete blur.

There were so many houses to visit, so many people to talk to, so many decisions to make! But still, it was one of the best and most exciting blurs of your life.

2. Begin wearing all your old sorority t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

While you probably gave away 90% of your t-shirt collection during your wills, you still held on to a few precious items of clothing that are adorned with letters. They’re probably folded in the back of your dresser, but you almost feel obligated to wear them during recruitment season.

3. Excessively text active sisters for information about recruitment.

What do your outfits look like?
What’s the craft for Day 2?
How many PNMs are going through?
Have you found a Rush Crush yet?!

We MUST know every little detail. Since we aren’t there to make sure things run smoothly, we have to ensure that they do by stalking our active sisters, throwing in our two cents and providing our opinions on every little thing.

4. Stalk Facebook to see who your new sisters are.

The moment that actives post pictures of your brand new sisters from Bid Night is basically better than Christmas. We all know we do it: excessively and obsessively refresh Facebook, waiting for the Bid Night pictures to surface. It feels like it takes 30 years, but when we FINALLY get to see the beautiful faces of our new sisters, the loss of sleep is totally worth it.

5. Plan your next visit to meet your new sisters.

Once you’ve seen the new faces thanks to Facebook, it’s time to plan your next visit so you can meet your new sisters for yourself. All the reminiscing has gotten you so emotional and missing your sisters more than usual, so you obviously have to plan a weekend to go visit.

That visit will mostly likely be Homecoming weekend, where you can bond over being new sisters and share your “glory days” stories, while cheering on the school you both know and love.