5 Things Everyone Feels When Moving To A New City


It’s fair to say that I’ve moved around quite a bit. Four states, seven cities and nine different addresses before the age of 25. Moving is something I’ve become a bit of a pro at, as well as starting over in a new location.

Here are the five things everyone feels when moving to a new city:

1. The initial excitement

Yay! You’re in a new city! You have a new apartment and maybe a new job! Maybe you know a handful of people and you’re excited to rekindle those friendships as well as make new friends. You get to decorate and set up a new home. Everything feels so fresh and new and everyday is like a big adventure.

2. Generally feeling lost

The initial excitement has now worn off and you need to figure your sh!t out. What bus do I take to get to work? What’s the best grocery store? How should I pick a new gym? What’s the cool place to grab a drink on a Thursday night? Where do I make these new friends I want? What the eff am I doing here?

3. A slight feeling of loneliness and doubt

You’re starting to get the hang of things. You no longer second-guess the fastest route and you have your morning commute down to a science. Things have fallen into place nicely but then again it feels like something is lacking. Oh that’s right, all of your old friends and routines aren’t here. And then you start to wonder if this was a good idea. You like all of the new things, but you miss some of the old things and want them back.

4. Confidence

You live here now. This isn’t your new home, it’s your home. You feel at ease giving a tourist directions and know the best places to go on a Friday night. Maybe you’ve only lived in the city for six months but you’ve started to consider yourself a local and you hate on any visitors clogging your streets. You reference the place you moved from as the place you once lived, not the place you’re from anymore.

5. Disenchantment

Yes, your city is lovely and everything but you’ve had enough. Yeah, sure, there are things you’ll miss about it but you’re ready for life’s next big adventure. You’ve had some great times and are sure you’ll keep in touch but a new city and a new start is calling and its time to go!