5 Things I’ve Always Said To My Mom


Mom, mama, mommy, whatever you call the sole person who loves more than anyone. She’s the one who went through so much pain for nine months. The one who knows you inside and out. The person who’ll love you no matter what and accept you as who you are. Through the years, she’ll always be the only one who still remembers the way you laughed when you were five and knows how much you used to watch cartoons. She’ll remember and accept every inch of you. I hope you’ll love your mom as much as they love you, because I do.

1. Thank you.

There are more than a million things I can thank you for. From conceiving me, carrying me for 9 months and how you didn’t stop loving me after you’ve given birth to me. Thank you for loving me more each day, from the first time you heard me cry to the last time I held a milk bottle. Thank you for going to every parent’s orientation, talking to every guidance counsellor that told me I had “separation anxiety” from you. Thank you, mom for teaching me to crawl and walk. Thank you for being there from the first day of grade school, to accepting my silver medal during graduation. Thank you for helping through puberty and prom. Thank you for everyday sacrifices you do just to get us by. And I can’t thank you enough for bringing me into this world, without you I wouldn’t be writing this for you. Thank you.

2. You never understand me.

There are times that all I could say is that you never understand me. I am always the one getting scolded, getting rewarded, getting the special mention from you. But I am also the one you conceived first. More often than not, I’ll always say that you never understand me. I had a long list of reasons why you didn’t. I was always busy studying, running after academic merits. I had articles to write and deadlines to reach. I had to balance my social and academic life. I had to be there for my friends. I had to do a bunch of things. And I thought you didn’t mind it. But, I realized that I may have a long list of reasons why you didn’t understand me, it will always be weighed out by the reason that you do. You’re my mom, you’ve been through far more difficult things and you’ve learned a lot from it. If anyone else can help and understand me it would be you.

3. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, for giving you morning sickness during the times that you conceived me. I’m sorry for trying to run away from my problems. I’m sorry for spilling juice on the bed sheets and eating inside the room even if you said we can’t. I’m sorry for messing up your closet and mine when I have nothing else to wear. I’m sorry for draining your energy every time
I wanted to go to the mall and go window shopping. I’m sorry for the times when I would listen to everyone else except you. I’m sorry the times when I make you feel that you’re not worthy of my time. I’m sorry for making you run to school for the times that I get sick I’m sorry for these things and more. I’m sorry for having to repeat the same little mistakes again and again. I’m sorry, I truly am.

4. I’ll do it later.

When you ask me to do the dishes, when you want me to run errands, when you want me to massage your head, when you want me to do simple stuff and I refuse or say I’ll do it later. When I asked you to buy me tickets to Sam Smith’s concert even if it was last minute, When I drag you to Forever 21 to buy me a blouse even if it wasn’t planned, you never refused me. I should’ve realized that you never refused when I asked you for favors. You never think twice when helping me. You never told me “I’ll do it later.” You always wanted the best for me. You always wanted me to be happy. Not later, but now. You always went out of your way to make my day better. Since the day I was born, the first time I called you “mama” or “mommy” you vowed to put our happiness first before yours, you vowed to love us more and more each day, 24/7 not later but now.

5. I love you.

It may seem cliché or a bit used but I love you mom every day of my life. I love you even if you scold me. I love you even if there are times I feel that you don’t. I love you especially during the times you have to be reminded that I do. I love you mom and I’ll love you more each day. Even if how many times I say it, it will never lose its true meaning. I love you mom, please always remember that I do.