5 Things That Are Actually Worth Thinking About After High School


1. Don’t let the anxiety of what the future holds consume you

You are on your own individual journey of life, forget what might be worrying you because now you are free to explore to your hearts content. If you grasp your passion with a wholehearted commitment you will always succeed. You may feel like your peers are ahead of you or doing so much more with their life, but don’t be paranoid because you are doing just fine. You should never compare yourself to others because wishing you were doing something someone else is already doing won’t get you any closer to what you want, will it?

2. Let’s be real, you have had a fair share of good and bad days throughout the years

Even though there may have been some difficult times throughout your school life or even just in your final year, you should aim to realise how grateful you are to have had an education. Now you can use your knowledge for the good of society/others. Acknowledge your bad times, but realise your strengths and let the hardships remind yourself of how courageous you are. Looking back, it would have shaped the person you have become and your real friends will have hopefully impacted you in positive ways – making each other better people and lifting each other up.

3. Don’t underestimate the qualities you have

Its so easy to forget what you’re capable of and what is unique about yourself. Write down everything you believe your good at and the things you can improve on. Then, each day wake up with the intention of bettering yourself and being proud of the person you already are. Completing high school is an achievement in itself. You made it.

4. If you were a bully or bullied, remember this.

For the people that were bullied or were bullies, the people that felt lost, those who struggled to find themselves in a chaotic period of school and life and for those who felt that people were constantly trying to bring them down – you have pushed through every challenge and been determined as hell. It’s time to remember that every human is in this together and going through the same things – were all in the same game; just different levels, dealing with the same hell; just different devils.

5. You are now in charge of your own destiny

The world is really your oyster now. There are endless opportunities that will be thrown at you, take every single one. Get to know yourself better, your likes, dislikes, what drives you to get up in the morning, what excites you. Try things out of your comfort zone and make new friends. There are no limits to your mind or dreams. Set reasonable goals. Work towards these goals each day and never give up.