5 Things That Are Great About Sex


Last week I wrote an article about the 5 things that aren’t so great about sex — because sometimes it’s just awkward. While I still think a lot of those things are true, I figured this week I’d take a less pessimistic view of things and point out the 5, slightly underrated, amazing things about sex. I’m Captain Obvious today so welcome aboard.

Involuntary Moments

If you’re doing it right there should be a lot of involuntary things your body does to confirm that — yes, this indeed feels amazing. The obvious things are physiological and are pretty much the same for everyone, but the involuntary things – the toe curling, moaning, clawing at their back, shivers down the spine type thing differs from person to person. It’s not something you can predict but when your SO hits that right spot it’s like a welcomed surprise for everyone. Feeling those and having the opportunity to feel & learn someone else’s is easily as sexy as the sex itself.

Having Your Mind Go Blank

Whether you’re in a relationship or not you can’t deny that the undercover tango is the best way to stop over-thinking/over talking things is to let your bodies do all the work for you. Sure you may have some feelings about what is or is not going to happen afterwards but for those precious moments when you’re physically intertwined all the other worries in life kind of disappear. However, if your mind is wandering and for whatever reason thoughts do find a way to creep in while you’re busy doing the deed, that is a sure fire sign you might want to either a) get a new partner who is so good in bed that this is impossible or b) seek professional help because you have serious issues staying in the moment.

Feeling Wanted

And sexy, and in control, and confident, and a bunch of other things that you should feel during your wild romp in the sheets with someone. Great sex can be super empowering and ego boosting because it’s literally the ultimate validation that someone is, at the very least, physically attracted to you, otherwise this wouldn’t be happening.


Let’s be honest for a minute – on some level we’re all looking for someone to be intimate with, whether or not that means we want or relationship or not is beside the point, it is just human nature to want to connect. When you’re finally ready to grow up and make sober, intentional decision when it comes to having sex with someone (more than just casually) there really isn’t any greater feeling than being able to throw cautious to the wind and show them a side of you only a select few (or maybe more than a few – hey as long as it’s safe #nojudgement) get to see. The soft touch of their skin against yours, the warmth of their breathe in your ear, the way they whisper your name when they themselves can barely keep from exploding with pleasure … It’s intoxicatingly sensual and you love every moment of it. (Sorry I forgot I wasn’t writing a romance novel for a minute)

Cuddling & All the Other Post Sexual Activity

This goes along with intimacy as something people (mainly guys, sorry) pretend they don’t need in their life, but really they do – everyone can use a good cuddle some nights!. I mentioned quite a few things in the previous article that really do suck about post sexual encounter but this, along with falling right to sleep or talking for hours, or doing it again are simply the best case scenario every time. I mean, sure you’re hormones are flying and that can be scarier than the act of sex itself, but it’s also the most beautiful. If sex is the main course then this is the sickeningly sweet dessert that just puts you right over the edge into blissful territory.