5 Things That Are Holding You Back From Success


Many times when we’re going after our dreams and aspirations, it seems like there’s something holding us back. It could be monetary issues, family, naysayers, etc. When we are on the road to greatness usually we run across some type of setback that can sometimes derail us from continuing the journey to our predestined success. In many cases there are various obstacles that can discourage us from achieving our goals. Today I will share five things that hold us back.

1. Waiting For The Right Time

Oftentimes we are waiting for the ever-elusive “right time.” There IS never really a right moment. The best time may seem cliché but it really is RIGHT NOW. Waiting for the right moment can be disguised as procrastination.

2. Never Take Action

Many of us make awesome lists and lovely plans and rewrite these same plans every year without taking any action toward these plans. If we only visualize our plans and don’t put any action into them, we can stagnate. Our first step to correct this is to simply put our plans into action. This may seem simple, but just starting is the key.

3. Let ‘Negative People’ Take Your Energy

Some people are naturally negative, mean, and just downright miserable and many times they try to put this energy off on us. This can be a determent to our success. In the end we have to watch who we surround ourselves with.

4. Looking for Others for Approval

Once we recognize that we are responsible for our lives and no matter what someone else thinks, it’s still our life. Taking action and having faith in your own decisions will help us when naysayers come.

5. Comparing Ourselves to Others

Comparing our success to others’ is never a good idea, because each of us has our own path to what each individual defines as success. Once we find what’s essential to us, we find what success looks and feels like.

Final Thoughts

In the end we have a habit of focusing more on what is going wrong rather than what is going right and sometimes we forget our small successes. I want to encourage everyone to remember that success is a journey, not a destination!