5 Things That Suck About Postponing Your Wedding


1. The decorations are ruined. You’ve bought hundreds of dollar’s worth of decorations with your original wedding date on them that you can no longer use. There are welcome signs with your date on it. Backdrops. Centerpieces. Card boxes. Engraved cake knives and flutes. Gifts for parents and bridesmaids and groomsmen. Your save the dates are out of date. So are your wedding invitations. All of that money you spent, all of that effort you put into planning the perfect wedding, was useless. Your beautiful decorations are now trash.

2. The clothing is ruined. Unless you’re postponing your wedding a full year, you’re going to be getting married in a different season than you originally planned. Your revealing, backless summer dress will now have to be worn in winter when you’re going to be freezing your ass off. Or maybe your wavy, autumnal hairstyle with curls down your back will have to be worn next summer when your hair is going to get frizzy and boiling hot. It’s the same with your bridal party outfits. The colors are already picked out. There’s no changing them now. That means you’re stuck with a wedding meant for one season that is being tossed into another.

3. You have to coordinate with your vendors all over again. You have to somehow find a new wedding date that works for your venue and your photographer and your videographer and your DJ and your caterer and your hairstylist and your makeup artist. Sure, you could choose new vendors (and risk losing out on money you’ve already paid them), but you picked the perfect choices the first time. You planned this exactly the way you wanted it the first time. You don’t want to change a single thing. If you wanted something different, you would’ve done it that way the first time around. Changing things pretty much means settling, and you didn’t want to settle on your wedding day of all days.

4. Some people are going to make you feel like shit for caring about your own wedding. They’ll remind you this is only a party. They’ll remind you you’re lucky you don’t have worse problems with your health or career. They’ll remind you it’s going to work out okay in the end. They’ll be annoyingly positive and make you feel like you don’t have a right to be sad. You already know all the things they’re saying are true but it doesn’t make the situation suck any less. This was supposed to be your year and now it’s ruined.

5. And other people are going to make you feel like shit for changing your plans. If you cancel, some people will feel like they are getting screwed over because they were excited to go to a party. If you postpone, some people will get annoyed about how they already spent money on their outfit or a hotel or a flight for your wedding and they will take it out on you. If you make your guest list smaller and still hold a ceremony, some people will be offended they didn’t make the cut. You cannot win.