5 Things That Totally Suck Now, But Pay Off Later


Building a structured life as a 20- or 30-something is challenging to say the least. Despite the fact that you may be doing all the right things, you might be so overwhelmed that you can’t imagine when things are finally going to get easier. If you’re feeling more hopeless than hopeful, you are not alone. However, I guarantee that when you take a moment in a couple years to reflect on this time of your life, you will absolutely notice the transformation that has occurred as a result of your dedication to change. Your hard work will pay off.

Sometimes things just suck before they get better.

1. Oily face now, younger looking skin later.

Does your face look like it’s been rubbed with a generous serving of McDonald’s fries? Do you shine like a greasy star? If your face constantly needs to be blotted by a Clearasil Oil Absorbent, I feel you. In fact, I’ve probably shared my pack with you. While those of us with oily skin may have had more breakouts than the rest of the kids on the playground, there is a silver lining. Oily skin delays the onset of wrinkles better than dry skin because the oils keep skin smooth and moist. In 30 years when your peers who never had to subscribe to Proactiv put the grand in grandma, you’ll look like you haven’t aged a day. Therefore, people with oily skin have a better future. You can quote me on that.

2. Save money now, stress less later.

This one is more of a “note to self.” I’m no Suze Orman. While I thankfully have no debt, my savings account is pathetic. Let’s be honest, putting money aside is hard when you want to travel everywhere. However, I have a feeling that life in the future will be a whole lot easier (and the adventures much more frequent) with some savings in the bank. Before you distribute part of your next paycheck to a savings account, start saving money today by: forgetting Starbucks happened, rolling your car windows down, ditching cable for Netflix, and using coupons like a boss. You got this.

3. Get up early now, feel like superman later.

The other day, I tripped over my alarm clock. It was on the floor of my bathroom because I had thrown it across my bedroom. I am not a morning person. However, I have heard that waking up early is pretty crucial for success. I mean, it does make sense. We all have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé. It’s up to us to use them.

4. Eat your vegetables now, look hot and healthy later.

I love kale. I do. But sometimes a girl just wants to eat like it’s the last day on earth. And who the fuck would eat kale on their last day of existence? I want a cronut in my mouth on a constant basis. However, pastries and the like tend to cause weight gain which tends to cause depression which tends to cause…you get it. The benefits of eating healthy are endless, from anti-aging superpowers to killing off cancerous cells. While eggplant might see like a boring food option now, your body with thank you for it later. It is okay to splurge on sugar every now and then, but moderation is always key. Unless you’re eating vegetables. No one ever said you could eat too many peas.

5. Face your fears now, rule the world later.

Perhaps you’re afraid of rejection. Gosh, who isn’t? Being told “no” is a daunting prospect to consider but not putting yourself out there at all is so much scarier. Is there a job on your radar that you feel is a little bit out of your reach? Go for it anyway. Do you have a crush on someone that, quite frankly, makes you weak at the knees? Ask the human out. Don’t wait another month of your one life waiting to ask for a raise, sign up for that marathon, or apply for the job of your dreams. Being told “no” sucks but never truly knowing what you’re capable of is so much worse.

This post originally appeared at Writtalin.