5 Things To Remember When It Seems Like You’re Never Enough


When you think you cannot do something big and be someone admirable or worthy of love, you also think you’re not enough. Such thoughts are caused by things you can’t easily see. And you cannot fully overcome the feeling of inadequacy unless you unearth its roots, which are: your past failures, others’ opinions, your physical appearance, physical condition, and personality. So, let me tell you things that you need to remember based on these five factors that contribute to the feeling of inadequacy.

1. Failures do not happen to limit your abilities but to multiply them.

You may have failed, but that doesn’t mean everything has also ended. The things you’ve attempted to achieve simply need another try. These failures can be turned into opportunities to discover your other skills. If Plan A and Plan B didn’t work, then create Plan C. Believe me, you are gifted to achieve things you could ever imagine. Failing doesn’t mean you are not good or smart; it just means you have to try out your other abilities. Always remember that you are enough to do and get whatever you want. Just unleash your hidden potentials.

2. Others’ negative opinions can never be facts.

Do they think you can’t do better? Do they think you can’t dance? Sing? Write? Act? Do they think you can’t be successful in business? In finishing a degree? It’s just what they think, but they don’t really know what you can do. Let these naysayers be your motivation to thrive. Utilize their hurtful words as rungs of your ladder to success. Opinions remain opinions unless you live by them, which eventually makes them facts. Be wise and turn their doubts into fuel instead. You are worthy of their astonishment once they see you at the zenith.

3. It’s only the immature people who base one’s worth on physical appearance.

You already know this, but you have to reiterate it to yourself. There have already been a lot of movements and advocacies that go against physical standards. And they are fighting for the truth. Regardless of your size, your skin texture, or your hair type, you are deserving of love and respect. Only the narrow-minded people value the stereotypes; don’t waste your time on their beliefs. The world is changing.

4. Your physical condition can improve depending on how you treat yourself.

Do you have something in your body that seems to limit you? Do you lack physical abilities? Are you always sick? Do you think it’s your health that makes you feel less?  Well, of course, your health is a crucial thing. But it should never define your worth as a person. The truth is, it’s how you think of yourself that can get you a good physical state. Meaning, if you love yourself, you will be determined to be healthy and live a good, long life. So turn it around. Remind yourself that it’s not your body, per se, but it’s how you take care of it. Focus on your well-being and you will see how your bodily functions improve.

5Your personality has gifts others don’t have.

You may be an introvert who always feels shy and awkward, but you are gifted with listening skills, empathy, depth, and with the art of being at peace. You may be an extrovert whom people find annoying, but you are gifted with the ability to easily get along with others, to reach out to those who seek help, and to manifest confidence. You may be someone in the middle whom people find mysterious and inconsistent, but at least you know which side to use in an apt situation. Whatever your personality is, never hate yourself. Remember that this is what makes you unique. This is your beautiful identity. This is what makes you stand out.

So what’s the takeaway? Whenever it seems like you’re not enough, think of the trigger. Which among the five is bugging you? Once you have the answer, remember the notes above.

You are enough.