5 Things You Have To Do Before You Die


So you’re dying soon. I’m very sorry to hear that. That’s some pretty intense stuff. These are the five things you absolutely have to do before you die.

1. Play More Games: Learn to enjoy the little things in life. Do things that allow you to spend time with the people that are important to you. When you pass on, you will leave a rich legacy in the memories of your loved ones. When they pass on, their children will remember you from stories and pictures. This will continue until the last of your descendants die out.

2. Write a Novel: If you get published, you can extend your legacy. Your name will be preserved alongside the unique ideas put forth in your work. Consider the ancient Greek texts that we study to this day. And yet there were surely civilizations’ that preceded the introduction of the written word. What do we know of them?

3. Plant a Tree: We share our planet not only with one another but also with all living things. There are Redwoods that predate the existence of dinosaurs! When you die, your body will be recycled into the ecosystem of carbon-based life on earth. But how long will earth remain capable of supporting life?

4. Learn a new language: Being able to communicate with other cultures allows you to appreciate different lifestyles. If life exists elsewhere in the universe, we may be able to survive off their resources. How will you contribute to post apocalyptic life?

5. Wake Up Early: Time is running out. Every day you waste is another one closer to death. But linear time as we understand it may very well not exist. Maybe this is not the end. If that is the case, you can go back to sleep.