5 Things You Have To Know Before You Enter The Music Industry


1. You need to hustle as hard as you can.

The music industry is ever moving, you have to keep up with the opportunities for you to be in the right place at the right time. Be that having a few copies of your demo tape at a concert or simply continually creating and posting your work online.

2. One track isn’t going to cut it.

The music industry isn’t looking for one hit wonders. It wants artists with heavy talent to constantly be creating and releasing songs and productions. You have to be able to constantly be creating your sound.

3. Don’t say no.

Whether you get offered a job to DJ the main set at Ultra or photograph some garageband, every action you take opens another door and gives you a bit more skill. Multi-faceted individuals are sought after in the music industry. Being an artist as well as a photographer, promoter, manager, or sound specialist greatly improves your chances of being noticed as you can take more jobs in more areas.

4. Don’t be afraid.

You have to be fearless to take a dive into unexplored territory. What you are shooting for is recognition from hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. Being afraid of stepping forward and showing the world what you can create will only inhibit your progress. Playing it safe is playing it quiet in this industry. Don’t hesitate to be a fearless shark.

5. Love what you do.

Realistically, if the glamour is all that attracts you to the music industry, then it most likely isn’t for you. You have to have a such a passion and fire for creating music that other people notice. Its a very organic process at its core; you have a love and proficiency for something, and people notice and love you for it. Money and flashing lights come with the success, not before it.