5 Things You Should Be Absolutely Terrified Of, But Probably Aren’t


Many of us are worried about things that probably don’t deserve the time of day to even think about very often. At the same time, there are some things that we should be absolutely terrified of, but pay no mind to whatsoever. Many of us don’t realize this until it may be too late. Here are some things that are actually a little bit healthy for you to worry about — consider them now, before you are forced to learn the hard way.

1. Wasting your time – Many of us are frugal with our finances and wouldn’t simply give away our hard earned money to other people for no reason, yet we seem to have no problem being generous with our time. We spend hours on Facebook, watching television, or doing other things that provide no value to our lives whatsoever. I bet if you tracked the amount of time you spent doing absolutely nothing for a year, the figures would astound you. You can lose all of your money and find a way to get it back, but when time is spent it’s gone, forever. Treat your time preciously. There is a pervasive sense of immortality in our culture. We live as if we have all of the time in the world. In reality, every day can actually be our last. Let that marinate in your brain for a minute. Think about it. Then do something about it.

2. Aging (in a certain sense) – We as a society fear aging, but perhaps it’s for the wrong reason. For most of us this reason is a cosmetic one; we fear looking older and becoming less desirable. You should be afraid of aging simply because your drive decreases with age. You just won’t be able to muster up the same amounts of energy you were able to in your youth. I’m not saying it’s impossible to succeed if you are older, but I think it’s definitely more difficult. I believe I speak mostly to a younger demographic, and my advice to you is to use your formative years wisely. It’s cool to wander through life aimlessly in your 20’s, but not so much in your 30’s. You’re never too young. There are teenagers who own multi-million dollars companies. No excuses. Get to work.

3. Losing your momentum (getting stuck) – This correlates to number two. Momentum is a key driver of success. The worst thing one can do to oneself is become stagnant. I’ll use the example of fitness to illustrate my point. The more out of shape you become, it becomes increasingly harder to get back into shape. This same way of reasoning can be applied to your life.

4. Settling – The enemy of great is good. I’m not sure if trying for something big and failing is as regretful as never shooting for the stars and having to live with the fact that you never tried. This is sort of a dull pain that continues to linger throughout the lives of many people. You can almost see it on their faces; that slight twinge of depression that makes it a little bit difficult to smile at times. This is also the reason why people love tearing down successful people. It’s their way of slyly building themselves up. They would rather slander those who took some risks and made it big, than face the fact that they just didn’t have the balls to attempt it themselves.

5. Spending the majority of your life doing things that you don’t want to do – Think about it. You get to do this whole life thing one time. One time. The universe has been around for (who knows really), and will continue on infinitely. What you do here doesn’t really matter in a sense, so why put so much pressure on yourself to live a certain way? Live how you want to live. Honestly, who gives a shit if you don’t have a cookie cutter, picture perfect resume? If your friends and family don’t agree with the path you’ve taken, so what? I don’t know about you, but I think it’s insane the way we live sometimes. By insane I actually literally mean insane. It’s illogical that so many of us ascribe to the doctrine of being the average Joe. I don’t understand it and it bothers me. It should bother you too. If it doesn’t, then you are probably destined for a life of mediocrity, which should be the thing you’re most afraid of.