5 Things You Should Do When You Feel Like You’re Behind In Life



I constantly want more than I can hold. I want to be a part of something remarkable.

I get down because I rely on social media to watch people live their lives in ways I hope to lead mine. I get down because I feel stuck. I get down because I feel misunderstood. I get down because I simply have no idea what I’m doing.

What I don’t realize is that everything I’m doing, creating, and learning is a direct response to the things I need to do to be where I want to be.

What I have to remember is that I am exactly where I’m suppose to be, because when the universe knows you’re ready, you’re going to need to take those skills and experiences for all that they’re worth and dive in.

So, what can you do during those “off” times that you just don’t feel right?

1. Create

Create a list of the goals you want to accomplish in the next month, six months, year, and two years. Create a photo collage of past excursions and a dream board of words and pictures that describe how you want to feel. Create something that will make you feel empowered. Listen to music that makes you feel strong.

2. Backyard finds

Pack a bag with your camera, a snack, and a journal. Go for a walk. Most of the times that I feel down is when I want to be anywhere else, meeting new people and discovering. There is so much culture that wants to be seen surrounding you.

Head to communities you’ve already been to if you’d like, but take a new route. I hike the same mountain every summer, but sometimes all it takes is a new path to see, hear, and feel something you haven’t felt there before.

3. Read a book

When I’m feeling anxious and can’t calm down my nerves and emotions I pick up a book and lock myself somewhere for hours. There’s something not only distracting, but enriching about getting lost in a world that is not your own. I’m currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

4. Listen to a podcast

If you’re not in the mood to escape your life, but to tackle it head on, listen to a podcast. Motivational speakers, entrepreneurs… head over to a podcast of Ted Talks to start.

5. Have a conversation

Join social and networking groups with people with similar interests as you. Sometimes I want to talk about travel and business and bounce ideas around, but sometimes all I want to talk about is space and the galaxy, and whether or not there are aliens who also love listening to The 1975.

Seriously, there are so many social groups on Facebook. I recently joined a travel and a female only NYC group. Both have been excellent choices.

You can’t break the labyrinth if you’re not willing to recognize that every choice you make is you working towards something bigger, even if it doesn’t feel like that. You’re working on control, emotions, self investment, strengths, and weaknesses. You’re constantly working and discovering even if your mind wants to keep that information from you.

Be patient. Work hard. Self invest. Take a breath.