5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s A Planner


1. Nine times out of ten, she isn’t going to agree to last minute plans. The spur of the moment plans she turns down are probably plans that she would’ve been excited to join in on if you mentioned them to her a few days earlier — or even a few hours earlier. She isn’t the type to drop everything and rush to your side. She needs time to shower, to do her hair, to pick out an outfit, to figure out a route to get there, and to prep herself mentally. She isn’t good with spontaneous adventures she can’t see coming. She prefers a head’s up.

2. She is going to feel uncomfortable when she doesn’t have all the information upfront. You might feel like she’s acting high maintenance when she asks you a million questions about what you’re doing that night, but knowing what she’s getting herself into makes her more comfortable. So before you bring her out with you and your friends, expect her to ask who exactly is going to be there, how you know them, where you’re meeting them, and how late you’ll be out. The less she knows, the more uncomfortable she’s going to feel, so answering her questions should keep her relaxed.

3. She is going to do all the hard work when it comes to setting plans. If you go on vacation with her, she’s going to do her research. She’s going to find the best flight, the best hotel, the best events. Then she’s going to create an itinerary so that you can fit everything into your schedule, and she’s going to pack your suitcases so that you aren’t stranded without something important. If you make fun of her for how much effort she’s putting into planning, she isn’t going to be happy with you. Yes, sometimes spontaneity is a good thing, but without her planning you probably would have hit a million speed bumps. She wants you to appreciate the hard work she puts in. She wants you to realize how much it’s helped.

4. She’s not crazy about surprises. You might think you’re being romantic by planning a surprise date or birthday party for her, but you have to be careful about how much you spring on her at once. If you don’t want to tell her where you’re going or what you’re doing, you should at least give her an idea of what she should wear and what she should pack in her pocketbook. The last thing she wants is to feel unprepared for whatever lies ahead.

5. She puts more effort than you realize into every little thing she does. The date she took you on over the weekend probably took her days to plan. The gift she picked out for you probably took her months to find. She doesn’t do anything without thinking it through beforehand, so if she does something sweet for you, you should know how much time and energy went into it. You should know how much she must care.