5 Things You Want To Tell Your Partner And What You’re Telling Them Instead


We all have scenarios such as we want to tell our partner what we are feeling, but we tell them something a little less serious instead. It is because we are scared to communicate our feelings in the fear of being misunderstood. In my experience, here are some of them:


  1. “It’s fine, no worries.”

This is what you answer to them when they miss a date, forget something you planned for so long or something you were excited about. It’s when all you want to do is scream at them and make them understand how much you’ve been anticipating that something they mindlessly forgot. It wouldn’t matter if they just forgot another monthsary date or an anniversary, bottom line is, they still forgot.


  1. “Go ahead, I can wait.”

Truth is, you can’t. There are times when you feel like you are being taken for granted just because you’ve been so lenient and forgiving. And then sometimes you think to yourself, “What if we switched places, would you react the same as I did?” Then you find yourself letting it go again.


  1. “Where are you? Hope you’re okay.”

This kind of message usually pops in your head when you know your partner is out for drinks or a get together and they failed to update you. Sometimes, it’s not just a matter of worry, but also a feeling of being forgotten. You think to yourself that you should be the first one getting updates about their whereabouts before anyone else. Feeling clingy yet?


  1. “Just let me know when you get home, I might fall asleep.”

You want to tell your partner that “Hey, I’m still up and waiting for you.” You want them to know that you tried waiting up for them just to know how their day went. But then again.. you fell asleep and still nothing. Then you wake up in the morning, one “Good night, I love you.” That’s it. Nothing else. So much for waiting, right?


  1. “I miss you.”

This can be perceived in many ways such as plainly missing someone or “I miss you, come spend time with me when you’re free.” Being in a relationship includes having disappointments and feeling unwanted. Like when your partner becomes too busy at work or with friends, you feel like your quality time is being compromised.


We should all learn how to communicate our feelings because communication is one key tool in a relationship. You chose to be with your partner which means you are comfortable with them and you have a mutual understanding with each other. Also, learn to understand and read between the lines. Deeper understanding of someone’s plain message is an indication of familiarity and involvement. Invest in your relationship, grow together – things will be a little easier.