5 Things You’ll Notice When You’re Finally Dating ‘The One’


1. You can trust him.

We’ve all heard the saying “trust is the foundation of a relationship.” When I dated the mysterious, sweet-talking guy who always told me what I wanted to hear, I always had this feeling deep down that his words weren’t sincere. I should have trusted that intuition. When his actions don’t match up with his words, you know there is a problem, and if I could go back in time and talk to the old me, I would tell her not to ignore it. That constant questioning of your trust for him in the back of your mind should be an indicator that he is probably up to no good.

When you find the one, you no longer have to worry. You just trust him. His love for you is so obvious and abundant that you’re never left wondering if you’re enough. He makes you feel like you’re more than enough. He makes you feel like you are his entire world. And when you’re with someone you can trust, you find that what you used to consider happiness doesn’t compare to how happy you feel now. Trust in your partner leads to confidence in your relationship and you’ll be left wondering why you ever settled for less.

2. The expectations you lost along the way are not only met, but exceeded.

Remember those expectations you used to have when you first entered the dating world? The ones that somehow slipped away over time as you realized they were never going to be met by the boy you were dating? The ones you made excuses for giving up on? Those expectations come back into your mind as you notice “the one” not only meets them all but goes above and beyond what you thought you wanted. The things I used to want out of a relationship seem mediocre in comparison to what I have now. I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

3. He puts you first.

You’re never left wondering where you fall on his list of priorities, because he’s always showing you through both his words and actions that you come first. Whether it’s a few affectionate text messages throughout the day or him dedicating his evening to spending time with you, you’ll always notice the effort. Even on his busiest days, he does what it takes to put a smile on your face and to show his love and care for you. At the end of the day you’re sure that he genuinely wants your happiness first and foremost just as you want his.

4. The difficulties that would destroy many relationships make yours stronger.

My boyfriend and I have had plenty of obstacles to overcome as our relationship has progressed. He entered my life at a time where I was at my lowest, so we basically began with an obstacle. He had to work extra hard to ensure I was okay and to make me happy when all I wanted to do was mope. He refused to see me suffer emotionally, and he was and still is always there when the grieving hits.

We have also been conquering the obstacle of long distance for the past 8 months, which many would agree is the worst and most annoying thing ever. My point is, whatever is made to tear you apart as a couple will only build your relationship stronger if you are with the right person. You know that no matter how bad things get, neither of you are going to give up. You’ll never give up on your soul mate.

5. You see a future with him. You trust that it’s actually going to work out this time.

In my previous relationships, I used to always ponder the break-up to come; I wondered how, where, and when it would happen. I never saw the relationship as a long-term thing—probably as a result of the red flags I kept trying to hide in the back of my brain.

This way of thinking completely changed when I met my current boyfriend. I cannot even begin to fathom us breaking up; the idea alone pains me more than I can put into words. And because I know he feels the same way, I know it’s not going to happen. You truly can’t picture your life without your soul mate in it once you find him or her. You plan your future around this person and that action is reciprocated. No amount of time is ever enough; you’re constantly craving more. And that you’ll get.

If you are feeling these things with your current significant other, you might just be on the right track to a lifelong love! If not, the only way you’re going to successfully find your soul mate is to let go of the relationship or “almost relationship” that contains red flags—there is no need to waste time.