5 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Unapologetically Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve


1. We don’t pretend.

What you see is literally what you get. I promise you that one of us will not tell you we love rollercoasters and shy away from them later. We’ll get on one with you happily and never switch personalities. There are no masks, no fakery, just childish longing and lost innocence we’re desperately trying to hold on to because it’s such a chaotic world out there and all of us could do with a little hope and magic.

2. We’re really sensitive.

Please don’t be harsh. We take most things to heart. Tread gently and we promise you that you’ll be rewarded with loyalty until the end. But you must not allow us to sink, hold us up and never punish us with incredibly harsh words you can’t take back. The upside is that we’re tuned to pain and suffering, we’ll offer help whenever we can and never let you suffer alone. It’s not about your pain or my pain; it’s our pain to fight hard against.

3. We’re like children.

It’s not complicated business, being with us. We can get on a bike ride and laugh as we gasp at the little wonders of the universe, hair flying in the wind. We’ll hum late at night, complain about being done with our share of ice-cream and smile at you like nothing else matters. We’ll hold your hand tightly in crowded places because we really wouldn’t want to lose you when the world is so confusing and maps get so hard to read sometimes.

4. Our faces tell stories.

You’ll know how we’re feeling. We’re extremely transparent and like an open book. You can figure out how we’re feeling if you look at our facial expressions. Happy, sad, happy-sad. Nothing stays hidden and it’s our biggest asset and weakness. Be mindful because this is delicate territory but we’ll never take advantage of you. Don’t be alarmed when you’re watching an emotional scene with us and quiet tears mess up our faces, we’ll be back in no time, exclaiming over a beautiful scene we could re-watch again and again.

5. We need to be understood.

The world feels especially hard when loved ones hurt us and we can’t just laugh it off like everyone else. We’re told we are far too sensitive and we must develop thick skin to survive in a cut-throat contest. But sometimes, the only thing we want to do is raise our loved ones up and be supported in return. These are difficult times, and all we need is a little bit of love to make it through the night. We’ll bare our souls to you, always.