5 Thoughts You’ll Have When Your Best Friend Studies Abroad


Studying abroad. Not only such an incredible experience but an absolute once in a lifetime adventure. I can only dream of exploring places over seas and emerging myself in the everyday culture. To be honest, I would hope that everyone gets the opportunity to one day travel half way around the world and see what these different place have to offer…everyone but my best friend, that is.

1. Did I miss the meeting where we voted?

I MUST have because I know for a fact I would not have voted yes on amendment “let your best friend go live half way around the world for 6 months.” I mean 6 months? What am I supposed to do? Who will edit my Instagrams? Who will tell me I look fat in those pants? OH MY GOSH… Who will laugh at all of my jokes?? I don’t know, I’m just confused as to how I’m expected to live a functional life without the only person who understands my strange and crazy brain?

2. Time changes are DUMB.

I mean 12 hours? TWELVE. That means I only have a very small window in the mornings and evenings to call and catch you up on my life and I’m just really not okay with that. After all, everyone knows it takes constant texts, photos, phone calls, snapchats and facetime to keep your best friend fully updated on your life.

3. When can I visit?

ALRIGHT. ILL LET YOU GO ON ONE CONDITION. You must let me come visit. That way I can see you in action with all the locals. Because I can almost guarantee that nothing will beat you attempting to communicate with locals in their native tongue — a language you only know about 4 words of (all of which probably include: bathroom, eat, directions, and hello). But that doesn’t even matter because if I think about the adventures we have at home, I can only imagine what new and exciting adventures await us around the globe.

4. When are you coming home?

Every day I miss you more and more. I’m pretty sure the whole “distance makes the heart grow fonder” thing is for mushy long distance couples who have found their soul mates, but it still very much applies here.

5. I’m so proud of you.

Packing up and leaving everything you know has got to be one of the gutsiest things I have ever seen someone do. It’s like breaking up with life as you know it…and being well aware that this trip may change it forever. And to some people that’s terrifying, but boy am I a proud best friend. You have always been adventurous, a go-getter, someone who listens to their heart, and above all a role model for me.

So ugh, fine, I take it back. Even though I’ll miss you like crazy, on the list of people who deserve this experience, you’re number one. I can’t to hear about the funny travel stories, the people you’ve met, the food you’ve tried, the things you’ve learned, and I can’t wait to see the person you’ve become. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and, of all people, I know that you will make the most of everything every single day you’re there. You deserve this. I love you.

Bon Voyage, BFF.