5 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life


1. Follow The Rick Ross Diet

Let me explain.

Following his seizure, human teddy-bear Rick Ross begrudgingly began a health-conscious lifestyle approach. And when I say begrudgingly, I mean begrudgingly. He says he “forgot what fruit tasted like” before adding pears and diced pineapple to his diet.

Follow his lead. Take a delicious favorite fruit or two and maybe one vegetable. I like baby carrots. There’s nothing special about them, but I find them super easy to incorporate into any meal.

Now, have one serving of that fruit every day and one of that vegetable almost every day.

That’s it. That’s the diet.

Look: real diets are hard. But on the other hand doing literally nothing is so, so easy. You may as well take a lesson from Rick Ross and do the laziest, easiest, half-assed incorporation of fruits and veggies while eating whatever else you’d normally eat.

It’s better than nothing, and let’s be honest: nothing is our normal.

If Rick Ross can pay a smidgen of attention to his health so can you.

2. Live Like Game of Thrones.

Fuck auto-pilot. Hold yourself to a higher standard.

I get it. Life can be hard, routine, boring, and hard to optimize. In a world where you can do anything we all too often do nothing.

So let’s change that.

You know how you know exactly what you’d do in Game of Thrones? And it’s all heroic and intense? Apply that thinking to real life.

That’s not a diss! It’s a promise. It shows you have that capacity, that sliver deep inside you that sneers and recognizes your own potential.

Combine the best of the best and act like you have a throne to collect. Find your purpose. Act with honor and ambition and a bigger vision than just merely surviving.

3. Watch And Learn.

Want to improve without doing any work at all?

Don’t do a thing. Just watch yourself. Then write it down.

Now, crucially, this isn’t to shame you. Do exactly what you’d do in a normal two week span. Don’t change anything. Just keep a diary. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BE HONEST.

Then, as non-judgmentally as you can, force yourself to look at yourself.

Absolutely forgive yourself over and over and love yourself and understand errors in living are universal in the extreme. But if you get the bravery to actually look your life clear and honest in the mirror- way, way harder than it sounds- but you might find patterns for simple improvement. Think ruthlessly and kindly, like you’re a high-powered happiness consultant.

Maybe you don’t even like this sandwich place, why do you even go? You sure spend a lot on beer- wouldn’t that money be more fun spent on a trip?

Whatever your life is, simply watching it will open your eyes to opportunities.

4. Cut Out One Obligation You Hate

Any guilt-inducing people or chores in your life? Find the heaviest, most useless, most toxic or anxiety inducing circumstance- a bad relationship, a shitty part-time job or an old friend who’s less than friendly- and axe them.

Find one thing you resent that you’re tied to by habit, fear or emotional obligation. Now, cut them.

Be free. Soar.

It’s that simple.

5. Pursue Happiness

Simplify your goals and just let yourself be happy, man.

Why not?

Love yourself. Be happy.

We all like you fine. You should too.